18 Days of DIY Holiday Ornaments

Day 1: Peacock Feather                   Day 2: Cork Tree

Peacock Feather Ornament      Cork Tree Ornament

Day 3: Sequins                                 Day 4: Ribbon Filled

Sequin Holiday Ornament      Ribbon Filled Holiday Ornament

Day 5: Cardboard Flower                  Day 6: Cookie Cutter

Cardboard Flower Holiday Ornament      Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament (X)

Day 7: No Mess Glitter                      Day 8: Spray Painted

No Mess Glitter Ornament      Glitter Stripe Ornament

Day 9: Felt Flowers                          Day 10: Cork Ball

Felt Flower Holiday Ornament      Cork Ball Ornament

Day 11: String Ornament                  Day 12: Sequin & Lace

String Holiday Ornament      Sequin & Lace Holiday Ornament

Day 13: Felt Tree                             Day 14: Raised Words

Felt Tree Ornament      Raised Word Ornament

Day 15: Paper Art                            Day 16: Marbling

Paper Ornament     Marbling Ornament

Day 17: Bells                                   Day 18: Paint Dipped Pinecones

Bell Ornament      Paint Dipped Pinecones

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