Assembly Required

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind, and I’m thoroughly exhausted so I’m going to make this quick.

The day started off with a trip down to a Crate and Barrel in San Diego to purchase my new BBQ. I also purchased the BBQ cover to protect it and a BBQ pizza stone, because I just couldn’t help myself. Then we set off for the hour trip back to my home to assemble it. Later followed by an hour trip back to my parents to pick up my car and have dinner. Overall, 5 hours of driving total all for a box of grilling goodies.

Lots of packaging and unwrapping ensued…


It took us about and hour to assemble the BBQ, but looking back we made it harder then necessary. Apparently the instructions are important to read BEFORE you start putting it together, crazy! A few tweaks later, we had beautiful grill ready for, um, grilling.


It really is a thing of beauty, and we’re officially breaking it in tomorrow night. Filet Mignon baby! Only the best for you mister apple grill. Ok enought of that. After dinner at Souplantation (I’m a sucker for building my own salad), I drove through a local vintage call rally. Parking was tough so we had to drive through a little faster than we wanted.





They run the vintage car rally every Friday during the summer. It’s a great way to meet some interesting people and ogle some incredibly awesome cars. The photos above don’t do it any justice.

Now, I should be off to get some beauty rest, but I have to put together whip cream cake. It’s the highlight of the BBQ tomorrow, ya know, aside from the actual BBQ. Plus it’s my dad’s favorite dessert and he was a major help today, so it’s all worth it.




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