Kitchen Cure Summer 2011

Last fall I took part in the Kitchn Cure with Apartment Therapy and it did wonders for my Kitchen. During the cure I cleaned all my cabinets, appliances, dishware, freezer, pantry, refrigerator, etc. In fact, it worked so well that I want do another one this summer. While the kitchen is technically clean, it’s unorganized and I have a few design projects that I want to do, just to clean things up. The official Kitchn Cure takes place over 4 weeks and I’ll be following that same plan if they host another online cure this Fall, but right now I’ve made a few adjustments.

My Summer version is going to be 5 weeks long since it includes a few building/design projects. This post will outline my plan for the next 5 weeks and then I’ll be back later this after noon with some pictures and an update from Week 1. 

The Plan…

Week 1

  • Deep Clean! Meaning that all shelves needs to be washed and organized. Old food/supplies dumped and bottles wiped down. (you know you have some salad dressing dripped down at least one bottle. This is the time to wash it off and make everything look pretty)
    • Clean out Refrigerator
    • Clean out Freezer
    • Clean out Pantry

Week 2

  • Deep Clean/Purge Continued!
    • Clean out all equipment, tools, gadgets
    • Deep clean all appliances (except the fridge since it was done in week 1)
    • Purge unused equipment, tools, gadgets

Week 3

  • Clean/Fix
    • Scrub all cabinets of grime (especially those over the stove)
    • Fix caulking around the sink
    • Fix any missing grout/caulking on the countertop tile
    • Touch up paint on walls and cabinets

Week 4

  • Install/Fix/Clean
    • Install Baseboards over Kitchen Kickboards
    • Deep Clean Floor Tile Grout
    • Stock up on great pantry staples, refresh herbs if necessary
    • Update Recipes, finish sorting recipe box

Week 5

  • Install/Beautify/Celebrate
    • Install Pendant lighting over sink & table
    • Create pantry list, hang in pantry
    • Paint cabinet knobs
    • Host celebratory party/BBQ


Anyone that wants to join in, please feel free to speak up in the comments. Please feel free to link to your blog if you’ll be posting updates or you can link to Flickr if you’ll be posting progress pictures.

My progress will posted on Flickr page as well.




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