Whip Cream Cake & Puppy Playdate

Yesterday’s BBQ was a load of fun, and we had some really great food. (Don’t worry, the Whip Cream Cake is below!)

The morning was spent sleeping in and running a few errands. I picked up some new flowers from Trader Joes, potted not cut. While their cut flowers are beautiful, they only seem to last a few days which saddens me.

But these will stick around for a while.


I also stopped at Cost Plus for some BBQ goodies and HomeGoods, well, just because they own a part of my soul. I stop there nearly every week, just to browse. I picked up a few Moroccan style candle stars which you’ll see when I debut the finished Master Bedroom. I also grabbed some sweet hot pink dish washing gloves. I hate doing dishes, so maybe the pretty gloves will make it a little more fun.

Water Stop™  All-Purpose Gloves - 2 Pair

Source: Casabella

A little later the family arrived for the BBQ. Since it was in the 90’s I had fabric fans set out for my guests.


And some chips and salsa. Three cheers for Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Salsa, it’s seriously amazing!


Drinks were made, with Lime vodka and the obligatory paper umbrella.


Then we broke in the brand new grill with steaks and corn on the cob. It was all fabulous!


But let’s face it, the highlight was dessert.


Have you ever seen these chocolate wafers in the grocery store, and thought ‘what the hell do you do with those?’ Well you could check out the steps below..or just follow the recipe on the box…whatever floats your boat.


Ingredients are simple: Cool Whip (Or any whip cream), Vanilla, Chocolate Wafers.


Mix the Whip Cream and Vanilla until combined and smooth.


Sandwich the wafers with small scoops of whip cream, stacking them on end. The recipe calls for a single log, but I find that the cake works better in two logs. It helps the rows stand up if you put the edges of the wafers in the whip cream of the other row, alternating the cookies.


Mid Assembly, depending on how big you want the cake, you can stop at any time. Reserve the leftover cookies or another purpose.


Full package cookies turned into a cake.


Use the rest of the whip cream to ‘Frost’ the cake, be sure to cover all the cookies.


You can decorate any way you want, but I like to grate any broken cookies over the top of the cake.


Now, place in the refrigerator overnight. This is a key step because the moisture from the whip cream and will turn the cookies into cake. If you don’t leave it overnight, your cake may be a little undone, still good, just a little crunchy.


The next key to this cake is to cut in on the bias. It will taste good any way you cut it, but it will hold up and look better if you cut at an angle.

If you happen to have any leftovers, store it in the fridge, covered. But I doubt there will be much left.


Since I don’t have any kids, this was our version of a ‘playdate’


Baxter had a blast playing with his ‘Aunt’ Shelby and ‘Uncle’ Jake (they are my mom’s beagles)

IMG_1195 IMG_1200

Shelby took very good care of her brother while they were relaxing. She likes to clean his ears for him.


Which wore her out so she napped on my kitchen rug.


But I think all involved had a really good time. (Jake is such a camera hog, poor Shelby could barely get her head in the shot.





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