Making My Way Back Home & A Drastic Change

A week into the new blog, and I’m going MIA! What’s with that?

I actually hit the power switch on all my electronics yesterday and this morning (I don’t even know where my phone is right now) to enjoy the last few days of my vacation. I go back to work on Monday and I’m starting to feel claustrophobic already. This vacation has been amazing, so relaxing and rejuvenating. I have a whole new outlook on life after this week and a brand new hairstyle too.

Yesterday was my first time driving back to Orange County in over a year. A little over a year ago I purchased my first home and moved inland to South Riverside County. The most common question I get when I share this information is , WHY? Why would you move from Orange County, it’s beautiful! That is usually followed by someone that wants to know if I know any of the OC Housewives or anything about Laguna Beach.

For the record I don’t know any of the Housewives, although I think one of them lives near my brother, and I saw another in line at Paradise Bakery a while back. I do watch the show because it’s fun to recognize the areas where I grew up. Wait, I take that back, I grew up in Santa Ana, I’m pretty sure they won’t venture there. As for Laguna Beach, I never saw the show, sorry. Although I did play Volleyball at Laguna Beach High School a few times, it is a beautiful school.

Now…as to why I moved from Orange County… it’s all about the $$$

As you can imagine, property prices in Orange County are ridiculous! My main goal in moving was to find a place with an enclosed yard for my not so little pup and a second bedroom for an office, and it was difficult to find in the OC. I’m not married and live on a single income so obviously $$ was an issue. So at this point in my life I decided to sacrifice location and move inland. I was able to find a great place with 3+ bedrooms, garage, backyard, etc for a excellent price. I was also able to take advantage of some federal/state credits which made all this possible. I do plan to move back toward the beach in the next few years, but for now it’s all working out pretty well. I’ll give you a home tour in a future post.

Back to Yesterday…

I desperately needed my haircut. Yes, I could get my haircut near my house, but this was going to be drastic and I wanted someone that I trusted completely. So I jumped in the car and headed to Fashion Island in Newport Beach to chop off all my hair. By the way, if you are ever in Newport, schedule an appointment with Lauren at Toni & Guy…you will not be disappointed!

This is my absolutely crap-tastic before picture. I hate pictures of myself, so you’re lucky that you got half of me. When straightened, my hair hit just above my butt, and was a wild hot mess.


The salon was somewhat giddy to see me cut so much hair, 17 inches to be exact. Plus another 3 inches after the ponytail was cut. This will be donated to Locks of Love so it can go to a good cause.


About an hour later, I literally had a weight off my shoulders. I was worried about cutting it so short, but Lauren taught me how to style it and I am thrilled with the final cut. It’s a HUGE change, but feels so good. (Not the greatest picture below, I had to take it with my phone). I thought the shorter cut would make my face look, ummm rounder. But it had the opposite effect and it actually made my face look thinner.


On the way home I drove along PCH which is what I miss the most. Driving along the beach is always so beautiful and relaxing.

Corona Del Mar…

Corona Del Mar, PCH

I always loved this building…

 Corona Del Mar, PCH, Concept Studio

Driving from Newport to Laguna …

 PCH, Beach Highway

Sweet Beach houses in Laguna…

 Beach House along PCH, Laguna Beach

My trip to the beach was over way too fast so I’m excited to go back in 6 weeks when I get my hair trimmed.


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