Brass to Bronze

Gold is not my favorite color, or maybe I should say, Builder Brass is not my favorite color. It’s a common color of accessories/fixtures in many builder grade homes. Even though I didn’t purchase my home brand new, many of the builder grade amenities were still in place. The previous owner didn’t do many any upgrades.

When I moved in, one of the first projects I completed was to change out all the interior and exterior door knobs. They were a hideous mix of gold, brass, and silver. In fact there was a weird mix of indoor and outdoor knobs throughout the house. One of the bedroom had a key lock door knob on the inside of the room, it was strange. So my dad purchased a house full of door knobs as a housewarming gift and I spent the next week re-knobbing 15+ doors. I picked the oil rubbed bronze knobs and it looks incredible. Such a small difference gave the house a whole new fresh look. I only wish I had a picture of the ugly doorknobs so you could see the difference. I only have a picture of new knobs, which in my opinion, is a much better look.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs, White Interior Doors

(Yes, that is green carpet. Also a gift from the previous owner. Hopefully I can change it out in the next year)

Now the doors look great, but all the closets still have shiny gold/brass, and it makes me sad.

Brass Closet Door Hardware

Brass Closet Door Hardware

First step was to tape off the area. I didn’t want bronze closet doors or walls. I used this tutorial for taping around curved items, it’s genius!

 Brass Closet Door Hardware, Circular Tape for Painting 

Then added some Kraft paper to block off the rest of the area, since I sometimes go a little wild with spray paint. Now, I know I could have removed both closet doors, taken them down the backyard and painted them outside, which is always preferable with spray paint. However, all the doors are on the 3rd floor and getting through the narrow circular staircase was going to be a challenge, not impossible, but very difficult since I’m doing this project on my own. I really just needed a second person if I was going to take everything downstairs. So I opened up all the windows in the bedroom, kicked the dog downstairs, and grabbed a big fan to help with ventilation.

 Brass Closet Hardware, Kraft Paper Taped up for Painting

After two coats of paint, I am no longer sad. The oil rubbed bronze is beautiful!

 Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, White Closet Doors

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that makes the biggest impact. 

Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, White Closet Doors

 Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, White Closet Doors

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