Staying in Vacation Mode when Going Back to Work

Vacation is over and work started this morning at 8am. I suppose it’s both good and bad news that my boss is now on vacation. Good because it will be somewhat quiet this week, and bad because I’m his out of office coverage. Catching up on my own inbox will be a challenge, it doesn’t make it any easier to be responsible for someone else’s at the same time.

I’m struggling a bit on how to keep that relaxed feeling from vacation while blending back into the workplace. So I came up with a few goals that I hope will help me stay relaxed and motivated.


Keep up with the morning walks for Baxter

I used to walk the little pup when I got off of work, but with the heat lately that has been a challenge. If he doesn’t get a walk, he becomes a little terror no matter how many times I run him up and down the stairs. So while I was caught up on sleep, I started walking him in the morning. It’s been foggy and cool each morning which makes it perfect for a walk. I’m going to try and keep it up now that I’m back at work. It will let me take some deep breaths of fresh air before work and I don’t have to worry about Baxter turning into a little evening gremlin. 

Schedule my workouts

I recently starting the 30 Day Method by Tracy Anderson and it’s key that I do the workout everyday. It’s a great way to zone out at the end of the day and dance out all the stressful energy.

Morning Meditation

It only takes 5 minutes for meditation to make a difference. In general I’m good at meditating, but I’m bad at doing it regularly. So I’ve downloaded an app to my phone that times meditation and plays a light chime when time is up. If I keep up with the morning dog walking, then it should be easy to sit for a few minutes when we get home.

Be Presentable

Ok, this is an odd one. I’m a telecommuter and work from a home office everyday. It’s very easy to just roll out of bed and work in my PJs, and comfortable too. However, you feel like a slob when you realize it’s 5pm and you’re still in your PJs. Since getting my haircut, I’m going to make a bigger effort to get dressed and fix my hair everyday as if I was going to a office. I think it will make me feel better about myself each day and more motivated to be productive.

Get back to Lists

When I’m really relaxed, I’m a total Type B personality. I go with the flow, but when I’m working or stressed, I swiftly move to Type A. I LOVE lists! They make me happy. Unless I’m on vacation, I list a lot of my life. I have specific to do lists for work, home projects, finances, workouts, eating, etc. I’m a list junkie. It takes a lot of stress out of life when you don’t have worry about forgetting the little things, because they’re on a list!

There you have it, 5 ways to reduce my stress as I blend back into the daily grind.


How do you stay in vacation mode when you go back to work, any tips?


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