Back On Track

This is why I love BodyBugg!


The past few days I’ve been frustrated with my weight loss. I know the scale shows variations in your weight throughout the week and for this reason, I typically do my official weigh in on Monday mornings. However, every so often I do weigh in everyday just because I find it interesting. Variations for me tend to be about 2- 3 lbs on any given day. So you can understand that when I was expecting a weigh in of 253, I was perplexed when the scale showed 260. 260!!!! I get 2-3 lbs overnight, but 7, really!?!

The first day I chalked it up to monthly bloating, or not drinking enough water, so I just kept a close eye on what I was eating and moved on with my day. However, the next day, it showed the same thing. Now I was just pissed off. I just changed the batteries the other day on this stupid scale…

…wait! I just changed the batteries!

There’s no calibration on this scale so the calculations shouldn’t be off due to a battery change, but I thought I’d test it just to be sure. So I grabbed 30 lbs worth of hand weights and set them all up on the scale. My 30 lbs of weights lit up the screen at 36.7 lbs.

Whoop! Whoop! My Scale is wrong!

I mean I’ve said that before, but this time it’s actually TRUE!

So tomorrow we’ll see what I weigh in at AFTER I subtract the 6.7 lbs and all should be right with the world again. At least all will be right with my hips, the world will still have some issues to work through.


Otherwise my life has been pretty boring so I won’t…well, bore you. I’ve been mostly busy with work since several of my coworkers are on vacation and I have to cover for them. Oh, and I’ve been sucked into the show, I Survived… on Hulu. It’s a lot like the show I Shouldn’t Be Alive, but without the dramatization. Geez, some of those stories are insane. Makes me want to learn Krav Maga, how to shoot a gun, install supersonic bolts my doors, and never get on a boat.


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