Average Errands

I had such high hopes for today. The parentals were going to bring their truck to my house so I could go to Pier One to purchase a third dining chair when I realized that my $20 coupon had expired! There is no way I’m paying full price, so I cancelled the trip.

So I packed the pup in the car and headed to the local dog park, where he ran, chased, rolled, and bathed in mud. Unfortunately it gets a little too messy to take the camera so I don’t have any pictures.

Although, if my back seat is any indication, I think we brought half the dog park mud home with us.

Later I drove to Costco and Office Depot for some goodies. I picked up a new Magic Bullet Blender at Costco since mine started smoking 2 weeks ago. I was in the middle of blending my green smoothie when smoke just started pouring out of the back, it freaked me out. So when it stopped smoking, I chucked it in the trash.

I also picked up a 5lb bag of frozen brown rice for quick meals and an 8lb bag of frozen cherries for smoothies. There were also some work supplies, Bio Oil, a book, and some other things that I can’t recall right now. At Office Depot, I purchased some writing supplies because I can’t avoid a Back to School sale. Even though I’m not in school right now, back to school makes me giddy. I love me some stationary supplies. I’m a total nerd.

Next up was Lunch…

I was craving Fish Tacos, but since I’m not eating meat right now, I knew I needed an alternative. So I replaced the fish with black beans.

Cabbage, Cilantro Dressing, Black Beans


Added Avocado, just because.


They turned out pretty good, not as great as the fish, but a nice alternative.


Followed by Late July Organics Cookies. The Chocolate Cookies with Vanilla Green Tea filling are AMAZING. My tip is to keep them in the fridge, they tend to get melty in the pantry. Seriously Amazing!


I’m keeping it low key this weekend and staying in, so Lunch was followed by a nap. A glorious 3 hours fast asleep.

Now I’m cleaning my kitchen, which is not nearly as glorious, but somewhat more necessary.


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