A Buck Each

Who took advantage of the awesome Pier One deal offered recently? $10 off a $10 purchase, um…yes please!

Stemless Wine Glasses from Pier One

The coupon expired on Wednesday so I made my way over to my local Pier One this evening to pick up two new glasses. They cost just under $6 each, so after the coupon and tax, both cost me $2.05.

As I wandered the store I also notices some beautiful dishes. Aren’t these lovely?

Decorative Tile Plates at Pier One

I absolutely love both of these plates. It took everything I had not to bring a few home with me.

 Swirled Plates from Pier One

Last weekend I found these gems at HomeGoods; although, none of them came home with me.

Linen Setee

Love this chair…

 Natural Linen Tufted Chair

 Multi Cubby Entry Table

Chair and a Half, Loveseat

 Morroccan Style Lamp from HomeGoods

At Costco I found VitaMix for under $400!!! If I had an extra $400 I would have bought it, that’s a crazy deal!!

 Vitamix at Costco under $400

…and because I have really nothing else important to say tonight, I have noticed a major growth spurt in my corn.

Before…they were looking VERY sad…I figured they would be dead within a week.

Beginning a Container of Corn on the Cob

Now, several weeks later, they are thriving, even in 95+ degree heat each day.

 Container grown corn on the cob

Ok, that’s all I got today. I’m exhausted.


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