Painting French Doors & Installing Window Films

I purchased my home as a Foreclosure, which from a design perspective, is a fancy way of saying ‘As Is’. Luckily there was no major damage like other foreclosure properties in the area. However, there were a lot of smallish projects on the to do list that I’ve been tackling over the past year. Up next on the list are the French Doors.

The white wooden blinds were battered and broken, especially on the left door. Every time my dog would come in and out, he’d hit the blinds and break them further. It was tragic.


The whole process took a few days, but the change was well worth it.


Step One… Cut down the old blinds and remove hardware.


Step Two… Fill holes with white wood filler. Sand down the finish once dry.

French Doors - Before

Step Three…Apply Painters Tape. The best tip I can share is to use a Paint Key to apply the tape.


It allows you to get into the crevices without totally destroying your nails( ya hear me ladies!).



Step Four…Apply eight million coats of paint (it just didn’t want to stick) while shouting obscenities at the doors (it made me feel better).


Step Five…Use a Razor Blade to remove disgusting glue that has yellowed since the doors were originally installed.



After…(this alone took well over and hour to complete)


From here the doors looked pretty good, I liked the color. I used a gray instead of a black because I thought the black would be a bit too harsh. Pictures are dark since I had no backlighting, but you get the point.


The problem is that it was a little too open for me. At night the a house behind me could see right into the house and I didn’t like that at all. However, I needed a way to keep the room light since there are no light fixtures.

Instant Fix…Window Films!

The installation was tricky since i was doing it by myself, so no pictures, but the outcome was perfect.

I get all the light, and all the privacy. I was planning on using white paint markers to create a design on the films, but for now I love the clean look.These doors tend to stay open all day for the dog, and our random rainstorms may damage the film, but I’ll fight that battle when it happens. For now, I absolutely love the look and it all cost under $50.


Cost Breakdown:

Paint – Valspar Cooled Lava in Semi Gloss – Quart $14

Window Film – 1 Large Window Package $19

Window Film Installation Tools – $9

Total Cost = $42


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    • Hi Jill,

      I purchased the films at Home Depot, I believe the brand was Gila. It was their basic frosted privacy films and I did spring for the Gila applicator kit which was another $8. With the kit, installation was pretty easy and I have enough leftover to do a few more windows. You are not able to see in or out of the windows once the film is on. If someone is standing near the glass, you can see their shadow and some movement, but they’re pretty opaque. However, they do let in a lot of light which is nice. Would love to hear if you end up using them.

      Good Luck!

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