Inspiration Boards – Custom Artwork

While I do consider myself a writer, in some aspects, I’ve never really considered myself an artist. My art is in creating inspiration boards/Look Books, not painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. Ever since high school I have been pulling magazine cutouts and filling sketchbooks with collections. I call these my Look Books and they are primarily for my own fun and enjoyment.

Recently I purchased two large bulletin boards from HomeGoods, and I’ve placed one in the dining room and one in the workout room. My intention was to create some inspiration collections for both rooms in place of standard art.

It all started with two beautiful bulletin boards, each with large grey moulding. They were an excellent deal at Homegoods.

grey bulletin board

Then I started laying out some of my favorite kitchen/food cutouts for the dining room board. There really is no magic to this step, I just lay them out in a way that I find beautiful.

Inspiration Boards, Look Books

Inspiration Boards, Look Books

When crafting the books, I glue everything down. However, I wanted the opportunity to change out pictures over time and over holidays so everything on these boards is held in place with pushpins.

Bulletin Boards, Pushpins

Tip – Be a little selective with the pushpins, use just enough to hold everything in place, but you don’t want to fill the board with them. You want the focus on the pictures not the shiny little tacks.

 Inspiration Boards, Look Books

I couldn’t be happier with the finished product, I love it! From far away it looks like an interesting piece of art, but up close you have plenty of beautiful pictures to look at. It’s also a good conversation starter as well. This same method is also a great way to display your children’s artwork and everything can be changed out over the the year.

 Inspiration Boards, Look Books


Cost Breakdown:

Framed Bulletin Board – $25 @ Homegoods

Pushpins – $2

Magazine cutouts – Free

* if you are ever looking for cheap magazines to tear apart, check your library store. Friends of the Library stores will typically sell magazines for a dime, usually no more than a quarter.

Total Project Cost – $27


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