Heat Wave

Hope everyone is having a great afternoon so far, it’s a beautiful day in Southern California.

This is the view from my office. I built the office into a spare bedroom on the third floor of the house, it’s nice to be able to see above all the rooftops throughout the day. 


As beautiful as it is outside, it’s crazy hot, hitting 100 early in the day. We’re also under multiple hot weather advisories for the rest of the week. The only plus is that humidity is down to 19% so I don’t drip sweat just by opening a window. However, it also means we are under fire watch. This type of weather is the perfect storm for wildfires and I live in an area that is surrounded by undeveloped land and brush.

In 2007 we had the severe wild fires in Southern California, and those are always in the back of our minds on days like this. My parents were lucky that time, they were fully evacuated for several days, but the fire did not reach their homes. For the rest of us, we lived with bad air quality and blankets of ash 24/7. It was a tough time for everyone.


Source: Healthline

Satellite images were incredibly awful.

wildfire_news cnet com

Source: CNet

Right now, I’m making good use of my air conditioner and enjoying a sweet green smoothie.


Luckily I got up early and took Bubba out for his walk this morning and also did a Treadmill workout before my first conference call. Now I don’t have to worry about leaving my AC house for the rest of the day.


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