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Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I have a lovely three day weekend since I took a vacation day from work to take care of a few appointments in Orange County. I can’t wait to be driving back down PCH, I miss home so much sometimes. I especially miss their weather, I’d take a breezy 70 degrees over a still 100 any day!


Over the past few days, I’ve heard from several of you via Twitter, Email, and Comments that you liked the Inspiration Board I created for my dining room. I’m thrilled that you liked the board, they are such a passion of mine.


As you can imagine I collect a huge amount of magazine cutouts in preparations of the boards/books. I used to keep them in a stack on my ottoman, but it was a total disaster. Then for a while I kept them in a straw basket in a cupboard, but the straw stuck to the pictures and made them difficult to work with.


So a few months back I went looking for a more permanent storage option, and was lucky to find these stunning white filing cabinets at the Container Store. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but was able to get them at a great deal during a big Tax Time/Office sale.


They work perfectly for sorting all the different cut outs I keep, along with supplies.


Eventually I’ll get organized enough to add labels to each drawer, but for now it works perfectly.



I’ll be back later with some pics from my trip towards the beach, including all the fun finds that I can fit in my car from IKEA!!


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