PB Bar Knock Off

Over a year ago, I fell in love with this bar from PB. It really is a stunning piece of furniture. I love everything about it and may have even swooned over one that was already sold at the PB Outlet near my house.

Markham Console Bar & Hutch


Here’s the problem…it’s $1500 when purchased online. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a bar. So I did some sweet talking to my dad, since he has a full garage of building equipment. Lucky for me, he recently retired and had plenty of time on his hands in between golf games.

I must say, I was incredibly impressed!

Pottery Barn Knock Off - Bar

Since I wasn’t the one to build the bar, I don’t have any pictures. I also don’t have the itemized costs, since my dad purchased additional items without me but I know it cost less than $200 for everything. Not bad to have a pretty decent recreation for $1300 less than retail.

Now, the table is not an exact replica for the PB bar, but it’s close and exactly what I wanted. We left out the indented shelf in the back, we swapped the front so that I can install the towel bar on the right instead of the left (which hasn’t been done yet), and the top is a solid piece of wood instead of planks. I’d love to add the bottle opener, but I’m not sure where to find that piece of hardware yet.

We used these plans from Ana White, because she’s a genius. We made a few tweaks to the plans, but they gave us a great start.


Since taking the above pictures I’ve updated the inspiration board and removed the wine (it was really old, and not in an elegant aged kind of way). I replaced the wine with all my cookbooks. Later I’m thinking of covering them with white craft paper to give them a more uniform look so they don’t distract from the rest of the room design, but for now I love the color.


Total Project Cost: $200

This project went so well that my dad is currently working on a few other projects for me, including some planters that will hold grass on my cement patio and shelves/mouldings for the foyer.

Have you ever recreated furniture before?


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14 responses

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  3. What an awesome piece that your dad constructed. And it will make a nice family heirloom. How lucky are you. I’m sure your dad was as happy to present it to you as you were to recieve it. Enjoy.

  4. It turned out really nice. How great your dad builds to your heart’s desire… very sweet! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to the Share the Love link party!

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