Where is Home?

A few weeks back I visited Orange County for the first time in over a year. I didn’t realize I missed it as much as I did. I really love my house, but I sacrificed location in place of square footage and price. I can’t afford to buy in Orange County right now, but regardless of where I live, Orange County is my home.


On the last visit I spent most of my time near the beach, cruising down PCH. This time I started in Newport Beach (for my appointment) and headed north and inland to South Coast Plaza.

Where I ran across IKEA!!



It’s probably lucky for me that I have a small car, since that means I couldn’t bring the whole store home with me. But I did find a few things that will work in the house (and easily fit in the car), including new drapes for the dining room.

On the way back home I stopped at the Borders in Mission Viejo, because I’m in mourning, and almost everything was 60% off.


I bought a book all about Puppy Love, because the puppy on the cover reminded me my little pup, and who doesn’t love puppies.


My last stop before heading home was Starbucks because I’m addicted to the Mocha Coconut Frap. I also have no AC in my car, so I was dehydrated and melting in the heat, trust me, the Frap was necessary for the 2 hour drive home.


I thought about making a run for the Border…but I was too lazy and hot.

It’s about 105 here right now so I’m staying in tonight. I toyed with the idea of going to the movies, but alas, so did everyone else. Plus, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of new reading material to flip through.


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