Top Ten Goals – September 2011

Can you believe it’s September already? This year is flying by so quickly!

As a new feature on Changing My Destiny, I want to start sharing my monthly goals. So without further adieu… 

Top 10 Goals for September!



  • Continue Home Projects

    • Paint the Fireplace Screen, get rid of the Brass in preparation of the Mantle construction

    • Install Beadboard, Molding, and Curtains in the Dining Room

    • Grass Planters in the Backyard

  • Purge and Donate extra crap stuff from around the house

  • Write something everyday.

    • I’m working on a special writing project and I need to make some major progress this month. Hopefully I can share more about this soon.

  • Read something everyday

    • …beside my email and twitter feed

  • Bond with Goober

    • With the 100+ degree heat, my little pup been forced to stay indoors more than I like. We need to make a few more trips to the Dog Park.


  • Cook and share more recipes

    • I can’t wait to break into the Fall Themed recipes I’ve been seeing everywhere! Like this Cinnamon Harvest Oatmeal!

Harvest Oatmeal

  • Stick with a regular blogging schedule

  • Local Adventure

    • Apple Picking, anyone??


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