Labor Day Weekend Kick Off

First off…THANK YOU to the hundreds of people that came over to my little blog and saw my PB Workbench Bar Knock Off. Welcome new readers, I hope you’ll stick around.  I love how interactive the blogging community is, so feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. If you have a blog, let us know, so we can check it out!


Ah Saturdays…I love weekends! Especially this weekend, because it’s three days off of work, and my parents are bringing me their truck to hit up Lowe’s.

My tiny little car doesn’t do that store justice.


Before they get to my house I took the little pup to the happiest place on earth.

2011-09-03 07.37.30

The Dog Park!! It’s his Disneyland.

I really love this Dog Park because it’s a very un-landscaped, natural environment. When I was living in Orange County the closest dog park only had wood chips, and others only had grass. This Dog Park has dirt, mud, grass, trees, water (in a bucket big enough to fit my dogs entire head, which makes him VERY happy).

2011-09-03 07.36.20

This morning he made plenty of new friends. In fact, a little pup named Roxy really, REALLY liked Baxter. He’s such a charmer. 

2011-09-03 07.36.50

Baxter hasn’t been to the dog park in a while since it’s been over 100 degrees everyday. He doesn’t understand the weather, so I think he was getting angry with me, but…

 2011-09-03 07.48.56

He loves me again.

Guess who else loves me?

Mom and Me

Awww, isn’t that cute! I love my Mom. (I can’t find a picture of me, Mom, and Dad…so, sorry Dad. I’m sure he loves me too.)


They’ll be here soon, so I have to clean. I’m buying lots of goodies today for at least 5 very cool indoor & outdoor projects, so check back later.

There may also be an impromptu BBQ!


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