Smart Coach Training Plan – Half Marathon & 10K

I’ve already announced that I’m running a 10K in November. I’m also planning on running a Half Marathon in December, so instead of training with the C25K plan, I used Runner’s World Smart Coach to put together a legit Half Marathon Training Plan. The plan accounts for a 10K in November, so it will serve as training for both events.

Once I’ve officially registered for the Half Marathon, I’ll share the details, but it should be fun!

Training Plan


This is only half the plan, through the 10K. I know the above chart is small, but I’ll be posting updates and progress every 2 weeks on Tuesdays.  Due to the heat and impending time change, this likely be done via the treadmill. Luckily I have one in my house and that gives me the flexibility to run whenever the time fits.

Runners/Walkers, how do you fit in outdoor workouts when the time changes? Do you run at night, before work, during lunch? Or do you spend more time at the gym during the winter months?


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