Dark Chocolate No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

I’m currently off picking apples at a local Apple Orchard so no design, DIY projects today (but I do have some fun ones planned for next week). However, I do have a very simple cookie recipe that has been in my family since I was a kid. We’ve always called it Alice Missouri cookies, but I don’t know who Alice Missouri is, and sitting here with my mom we realize we have no idea what it’s really called. So I’ve named it the Dark Chocolate No Bake Oatmeal Cookie recipe.

My mom (who gave me the recipe) tells me that name is too long…apparently there is a word limit on cookie names. Since she has just recently learned to text, she has decided that the name must be shortened to… DCNBOC. Very Funny Mom, LOL 🙂 Or as my mom likes to say FDL. She doesn’t Laugh Out Loud…she Falls Down Laughing.

Ok, Mom, thanks for the help. You can now go back to Angry Birds.

But back to the cookie. This recipe only requires a few minutes of cooking on the stove top and you done.

Seriously easy.

Dark Chocolate No Bake Oatmeal Cookie (DCNBOC)

Makes about 3 dozen cookies (but this really depends on how big you make the cookie. I mean it could make 2 massive cookies. I’m just sayin’)

1 Stick Butter

2 Cups Sugar

1/2 Cup Milk

3 Tablespoons Cocoa (I used Dark Cocoa from Henry’s Bulk Bins)

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

3 1/2 Cup Oatmeal

2 teaspoons Vanilla


Step 1:

Melt the butter with the milk over Medium heat.

Step 2:

Once the butter melts, add the cocoa and sugar.

Step 3:

When the mixture starts to boil, set your timer for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Step 4:

Keep stirring during the minute and a half. It should be rolling right about now.

Step 5:

Once the time is done, add the peanut butter. Once the peanut butter is melted into the chocolate, remove from the heat and add the oatmeal and vanilla. At this point it should be thickening and look something like the below. You should let it cool for a few minutes to set in the pan before moving to the next step.

Step 6:

Test it out. Yes, this is a legitimate step to the process.

Step 7:

I use a small cookie scoop to make even size cookies, but 2 spoons works just as well. However, this stuff is sticky, so try not to use your fingers. Unless really like a mess.

Step 8:

I usually refrigerate the cookies for abut 30 minutes to help them set, then transfer them to a storage container in the pantry. If left in the fridge they tend to be too hard to eat, but at room temperature they are just perfect.

These won’t last long.




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