Mason Jar Matchstick Holder– Super Simple DIY

I have another fun DIY for you today, and who can’t use something fun  and simple on a Wednesday?

Almost every family has a pack of these in their house…


…but let’s face it, boxes of matches tend to be UGLY. We can do so much better.

How’s this?

Canning Jar Match Holder

SO MUCH better. And it’s so easy.

Edited: You will want to use ‘Strike Anywhere’ matches for this project. I have found them at Amazon for a couple dollars more than standard matches; but I have also purchased them in the past in camping section of sports stores like REI, etc.

Step 1:

Gather your supplies.

  • Canning Jar
  • Wooden ‘Strike Anywhere’ Matches
  • Black Sandpaper (I used 150, but I recommend 220 or the finest grit you can find)
  • Tacky Glue

Canning Jar Match Holder

Step 2:

Cut the sandpaper down to the size of the canning jar lid. This is made easy by tracing the lid onto the back of sandpaper.

Tip: Don’t use your favorite scissors, the sandpaper will dull the blades a bit.

Canning Jar Match Holder

Step 3:

Use the tacky glue to affix the sandpaper to the lid.

Canning Jar Match Holder

Step 4:

Put it all together and admire your GENIUS!

Canning Jar Match Holder

No one needs to know it took less than 10 minutes or that it cost only $5 to make.

Project Cost Breakdown:

Ball Canning Jar = $1.50

Black Sandpaper = $3.50

Matches (already owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $5

Now you can showcase your matches on a shelf with your favorite glassware, instead of hiding them at the back of your junk drawer.

Canning Jar Match Holder


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17 responses

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  2. Thanks for sharing yet another great re-use of mason jars. This is the perfect project…simple, useful, and much more attractive than a box of matches. With the winter months ahead, I know I’ll be making one of these. Thanks again for the great idea!
    Cheryl at My Sister’s Cottage

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    • I just found out by my gift NOT working for someone. You need ‘strike on anything’ matches. They are quite a bit more expensive. 😦 You can find them on Amazon if no where else.

      • This is an excellent reminder Nancy. I’m sorry the project didn’t work for your gift, but thank you for taking the time to come back and share the situation. We have only strike anywhere matches in our house from prior camping trips, and I wasn’t aware they weren’t the standard since they are without their label these days. I’ll make sure the post is updated so no one else runs into the same problem.


  4. This is likely due to the use of safety matches. Safety matches need a chemical oxidizer (in the match head) and red phosphorus in the strike strip to be combined with heat (friction) to ignite. Strike anywhere matches have all the needed chemicals in the head of the match.

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  6. I’m making a dozen of these for friends this year, I know that they will love them. Beware of what kind of matches you buy!!!! The regular ones will not light on sandpaper, you need the Strike Anywhere matches which are very hard to find now. I went on to Amazon to look and many comments say they took strike anywhere and replaced with those “green” matches which promise to be strike anywhere but are not at all! They will not strike anywhere. I guess the meth heads are the reason (crazy).
    It cost me $30 to get 6 boxes of the old “real” strike anywhere. Buy them now while you can, they don’t make them anymore as far as I know.

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