Monthly Project Recap – September 2011

September was a fun month and I’m shocked by how quickly it went. The end of the year always brings out the craftiness in me so there are plenty of craft projects on deck for the coming months. However, I’m so thrilled with the projects from this month.

Here is a quick recap of the projects completed in September.

I shared the big Powder Room Reveal and provided the links to my favorite bathroom hardware (hint: they are from West Elm).

I had to buy some twine for the grass planter project and decided to turn a simple paint can into a Twine Dispenser.

DIY Twine Dispenser

I turned old framed pegboard into new Bulletin Boards using Cork Tiles.

DIY Bulletin Board using Cork Tiles

How do you bring grass into a paved backyard? I figured out how to Grow Grass on Concrete. I’ll be installing a sprinkler system as well, without tearing up the existing concrete. It just takes a little thinking outside the box.

Laundry Room Removal Sticker This was my least favorite project, but the most rewarding. It took hours to remove that blasted sticker, but the result was well worth all the work. I’ll be posting the Laundry Room Reveal in the next few days.

Phase 1 to a new fireplace by Christmas is DONE!! Painting the Fireplace Screen Doors was fast and only cost $5. Next up, tear down that tile.


Homemade Mod Podge – By far the most popular post to date, we all love our Mod Podge.


Mason Jar Match’book’ – This was a last minute project for this month. I actually planned to do this in December but I couldn’t help myself. I loved this project and will probably be making a few of these for homemade gifts this year (maybe including it in a s’mores kit??)


I’ll be back a little later for a end of month goal recap, but in meantime…

C’mon brag a little, any great projects in September that you want to share?


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