September Monthly Goal Recap

Before we jump into the monthly recap I have to say I’m humbled by another featured post. Fawn over at Dear Creatives was kind enough to feature me today and a few of my projects. I know I said it before, but as a newbie blogger, this is such an honor. I never in a million years though that thousands of people would stop by my little blog.


Please stop by Dear Creative and share some love, the site is fantastic! If you’ve found your way here through the featured post, Welcome and Thank You!


Wow, another month gone, it’s finally Autumn, and it’s almost Christmas!! (A girl can dream, I LOVE Christmas). September was a fun month and I accomplished more around the house than usual.

Top 10 Goals for September!

  • Cut out Sugar
    • Ok, I promised to try really hard at this, but in all honesty, IT SUCKED. I feel better and have had far fewer mood swings. I don’t feel as congested and I’ve cancelled my doctors appointment. Yes, that’s all good stuff, but there were days where I REALLY just wanted a cookie and I slipped up A LOT. I’m glad I cut out most sugar this month, but it was always meant to be temporary. I will continue to reduce sugar as much as possible, but let’s face it. I’m making a batch of these tonight.


  • Start Training for the Iron Girl Del Mar 10K
    • I’m getting scared excited about this one. I started training with the personalized Smart Coach training plan and have struggled with the scheduled plan so far. You can see my training plan here, my first training check in here. Another progress post will be up next Tuesday, but I can say that I’ve been doing much, MUCH better. Who thought I’d say, “I have to jog 3 miles tonight, no big deal”. Yeah, it happened.
  • Continue Home Projects
    • So many fun projects happened this month, you can catch up on it all here.

Homemade Deco Podge

  •  Purge and Donate extra crap stuff from around the house
    • Lots of stuff was given away this month, and I still have MORE. I also repurposed some frames destined for donation into the coolest bulletin boards.


  • Write something everyday.
    • I’m working on a special writing project and I need to make some major progress this month. Hopefully I can share more about this soon.
      • Still can’t share anything on the special writing project, but it’s coming along. I hope to actually be done with it ahead of schedule.
  • Read something everyday
    • …beside my email and twitter feed
      • This is a daily battle, but I did finish a few books. Check out the Mental Dumbbells posts here. Then I got sucked into Pinterest and let’s face it, reading took a back seat.
  • Bond with Goober
    • With the 100+ degree heat, my little pup been forced to stay indoors more than I like. We need to make a few more trips to the Dog Park.
      • We hit up the dog park a few times, and Baxter loved every minute of it. Unfortunately this past week he’s been housebound with a hurt leg, but he’s getting better day by day.
      • I also shared how we stared the grass planter project so he could relax on the cool grass in his own backyard.
Baxter Chillin' at the Dog Park
  • Cook and share more recipes
    • I can’t wait to break into the Fall Themed recipes I’ve been seeing everywhere!
      • It’s still so hot lately that I haven’t really busted out the Fall themed recipes, but I did enjoy some good eats. I need to revamp the Recipe page but you can see most of of the recipes here.
Fish Tacos
  • Stick with a regular blogging schedule
    • A post a day for the entire month, so proud. In fact, 38 posts to be exact. I also had my biggest hits month ever thanks so some excellent linking parties and several featured posts. I can’t thank you guys enough!
  • Local Adventure
Raven Hill Apple Orchard, Julian, CA 

It’s been a banner month and I can’t wait for October!


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