Top Ten Goals – October 2011

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it, including the holiday spirit in the air that spreads thorugh Christmas & into the New Year. Can you believe 2011 is almost over?

Without further adieu, here are my goals for this month.


1. Education

    • I’ve signed up for the Blogging Your Way e-course hosted by Holly Becker of Decor8 & Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint, and I’m so excited! They are going to cover all the topics I have questions about as a new blogger. I also want to create an experience on this site, and I think this will help me further develop my voice/style.


2. Finish Training for the Del Mar 10K

    • We’re one month into training with just about one month left to go. I need to make lots of progress in this area or I won’t be ready on November 6th.


3. Local Adventure

    • Visit a Real Pumpkin Patch (not one set up in a grocery store parking lot)
    • Jury Duty – Can I count this as a local adventure since it’s the first time I’ve done Jury Duty in this county?

4. Finish Phases in the Backyard and Dining Room

    • Install Dining Room Wainscoting & Curtains
    • Install Sprinklers and finish Sod in outdoor planters

Growing Grass on Concrete - 1 month update

5. Craftiness

    • Fun Fall/Halloween Crafts. So many lined up for this month, like this adorable little mummy pumpkin.

Source: via Addison on Pinterest


6. 31 day dance challenge

    • I don’t care if it’s while cooking dinner or in a club. I will dance for 30 minutes everyday.



7. Stop Biting & Grow My Nails

If I actually accomplish this, it will be a miracle. Especially since I’ve been trying to stop biting my nails since the beginning of time. Breaking a lifetime habit is not easy.

Day 1: I cut them down and painted them so I could start from scratch. My dream would be able to do a French manicure with my own nails, I’ve always had to do it with fake nails, because mine have never been long or strong enough.

Bad Habit Challege - Nails

8. Keep reading

    • I would like to get through at least 4 books this month. I have so many good ones to go through.

9. Keep Writing

    • I got more into the blog last month than I expected and my other writing took a bit of a back seat. Time to step that up and brainstorm freelance opportunities.
    • I’d also like to submit at least one article as a contributor on another design site


10. Routine

    • Get into a routine that allows me enough sleep, and time for everything else that I want to do. I have a fancy pants planner that I rarely use. I should really dig that out of my junk drawer.


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