Weekly Eats Wednesday

I was back in the cooking groove this week, lots of sandwiches and pastas. I didn’t notice it then, but looking at the pictures, everything is basically the same color. I really need to work at incorporating more color into my cooking next week.

Grilled Cheese with Ham and Apple


Baked Ziti Marsala with Spinach

Baked Ziti

Dijon Chicken & Spinach Panini

Dijon Chicken & Spinach Panini

Garlic Crumb Linguine & Roasted Tomatoes.

This was by far the best meal of the week and so easy. I used this recipe or the tomatoes, and this recipe for the noodles (with slight modifications).

Garlic Crumb Noodles w/ Roasted Tomatoes

I made a few other things, but I’ll spare you the pictures. They included a complete dessert meltdown that involved Oreos. Who knew you could ruin an Oreo? Apparently I can.


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