DIY Glitter Skull

I’ve never been the biggest fan of skulls, but I was enamored when saw this pretty black glitter skull one day online. Suddenly I was smitten and decided that I needed the skull and the floral headband.




Finding a black glitter skull was not as easy as I thought it would be. I loved all the detail in the one above, but I kept finding ones like the one below. It is from ZGallerie. You can barely make out the features, but it wasn’t bad for $10.

Since it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I decided to make my own.

Glitter Skull DIY

It’s not quite the same, but it’s perfect for me. I named him ‘Leno’…I mean seriously! Look at that chin!

Step 1:

Collect your supplies

  • Black Spray Paint (It does not have to be High Heat, that’s just all I had on hand)
  • Paper Mache Skull
  • Black Glitter
  • Homemade Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Paper Plate or Kraft Paper or Newspaper

Glitter Skull DIY

Step 2:

Spray paint the skull with Black paint (again, high heat is not necessary. This was the only black spray paint I had and didn’t want to pay for a new can). Painting the skull black makes it easier to apply the glitter later. It won’t be as obvious if you don’t get full coverage with the glitter since the base will already be black.

Glitter Skull DIY

Step 3:

I used a foam brush and applied my Homemade Mod Podge to the skull in small sections. While still wet, I sprinkled on the black glitter. It probably goes without saying, but please do this over a paper plate/Kraft paper or newspaper to minimize the mess. It will also let you collect the spare glitter and pour it back in the bottle.

By the way, I had purchased the big bottle of Martha Stewart Onyx Glitter. I needed so little for this project the bottle still looks brand new. If you don’t need the glitter for anything else, feel free to buy a smaller size, you won’t need as much as you think.

I may need to glitter-fy my whole house now, just so I can justify having bought the BIG bottle. You’ve been warned.

Glitter Skull DIY

Glitter Skull DIY

Glitter Skull DIY

Step 4:

Let dry. I also recommend sealing the skull with a finishing spray. The glitter sticks pretty well, but it’s an extra measure that you may want to consider if you’ll be storing or moving it around.

Glitter Skull DIY

Project Cost Breakdown:

Paper Mache Skull (Michael’s) = $2

Martha Stewart Onyx Glitter – Large (Michaels) = $5 (after using 50% off coupon)

Spray Paint/Kraft Paper/Homemade Mod Podge(already owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $7

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