I’m Feeling Inspired – Halloween Edition

Mummy Drink Boxes

I wish I still drank out of drink boxes, or that I had kids that needed these. Would it be weird if I made a few of these and gave them to my neighbors kids. Yeah, that would be weird. I don’t want to become the weird drink box lady.

Source: parents.com via Addison on Pinterest

Pumpkin Drilling

This is how I would carve my pumpkins if I was carving any this year. It just seem so fun to attack the gourd with a drill.

Pinned Image


Halloween Inspired Door

I think this is stunning. That is all.

Pinned Image


Children’s Halloween Costumes

I had some pretty sweet Halloween costumes when I was a kid. I specifically remember being a clown, witch, genie, and mouse. Several years I had two costumes, one for trick or treating and one for school functions. I grew up in a private school and some costumes were strictly forbidden. So on those years I would be a witch/genie at home, but would wear something else to school. One year, I just wore all my favorite things and called it a costume. I think I called it a fairy costume, but really it was just a flowy skirt with high heeled white boots.

…and for your viewing pleasure, the three cutest kids costumes I’ve ever seen.

Adorable! If I was that little girl, I’d try to let my mom wear it year round.

Pinned Image


This one too. I love the skirt and probably would have worn it all the time.

Pinned Image


I CANNOT stop smiling at this little shark. Cutest thing EVER!

Pinned Image


Seriously adorable!

One response

  1. These ideas are wonderful and the costumes are adorable! I laughed out loud at the baby shark! If only I had a little grandbaby girl to dress up as the tutu witch. Great ideas, thanks!

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