Bates Pumpkin Patch

I have a confession. I don’t like Halloween…GASP!

Let me explain…

I HATE being scared. I’m slightly paranoid by nature, freak out when people intentionally startle me, and that Scream masks still gives me nightmares. I don’t mind Halloween at all, as long as no one tries to scare me. If you jump out at me or sneak up on me and try to scare me, my fight or flight response kicks in, and I may just punch you in the face.

It’s happened before. Consider yourself warned.

On the other hand, I like the holiday season which encompasses Halloween since Fall is my favorite time of year. I even like some of the cutesy Halloween decor, like this little guy.

See? Cute little mummy pumpkins are okay. Scary mummy pumpkin that might eat your face off while you sleep, not so much.

You get the point.

This year to get into the Autumn spirit (since the weather has not been cooperating) I visited a local pumpkin patch. Folks, this is the real deal, not one of those pop up patches that set up in your grocery store parking lot.

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to Bate’s Nut Farm (aka the biggest pumpkin patch I’ve ever seen). This place is seriously huge with endless events, activities, and pumpkins!

This is only one of the several patches. Do not be fooled, those pumpkins could be used as a desk chair.

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Don’t believe me?

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

They give you wheelbarrows to get them to your car. The pumpkin patch version of the shopping cart. Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Heirloom Pumpkins. I really loved these and wish I had bought some, they were beautiful.

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Of course you could buy pumpkins that have already been pulled from the patch, they had piles of them.

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

It was my first time to a real pumpkin patch and I walked away without even buying one. How anticlimactic. However, we had a great time wandering around and people watching for a bit. Watching the kids run through the patch was well worth the visit alone. It was so adorable to see their eyes light up at the sight of pumpkins that could double for Cinderella’s Coach.


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