Grass Planter Progress

I have a much bigger post planned for later this month, but I just couldn’t help but give you a little sneak peak into the latest progress with the grass planters.

Remember when I shared how to grow grass on concrete?

Growing Grass on Concrete - 1 month update

At first, to get things growing, I was watering the grass like this. However, I was watering the wall more than anything else, so I needed a different option.

Grass Planter

The next, albeit temporary, option was this. I was no longer watering the wall, but I was wasting a lot of water on the concrete.

Growing Grass on Concrete - 1 month update

So this past weekend, my dad came over and we installed sprinklers. Now I can water the grass with these.

Grass Planter Sprinkler Installation

It was super cheap, fast, and AWESOME. I’m putting together a more detailed post with all the details, but I couldn’t help but share my excitement. I also picked up the flowers which will be planted around the sprinkler heads, so everything will look a lot more finished.

Happy Monday!!


8 responses

  1. Very Beautiful! how did you do, I have a little concrete backyard, and I want grass, can you help me? My name is Margarita and I am from Ecuador

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  3. I was googling how to “grow” grass on concrete and your blog came up. Was hoping you could help me out with some pointers. I want to do what you did, but much bigger. Is that possible?

    • Yes, absolutely! A few things to keep in mind…(1) you need a border, whether it’s wood boards like I did, bricks, stones, etc…(2) you’ll need to lay several packed inches of dirt within the border to allow the grass space to root. I believe I poured several inches of potting soil in first, packed it down, then topped it with a special dirt just for sod to give it the best chance. (3) Also consider how you are going to water it. I ended up installing sprinklers that are fed by a hose, but my planters are rather small. For a large space you might want to look into other options such as the above ground movable sprinkler in the first few pictures of this post. I don’t see any reason you can’t use this idea for a larger space, in fact, if I had room I’d make my planters bigger! Let me know if you have any questions, I hope it works out for you. Good Luck! 🙂

      • great, I am very excited for this project. This home is perfect besides the concrete! my dog loves to run around and we live here in the desert so his poor feet would suffer during 115 degree days when he wants to play outside. I may be asking you for help every now and then if you dont mind!

  4. Hi, I just read both of your posts for the grass planter. I am a Chinese living in the Washington DC area, I really like your idea of the grass planter, in China we hire people to come to our home to build the furniture and they bring all the supplies as need, here I have no idea of how to get the material by myself, I have no idea how to cut the wood board. could you please give me some advise of how to get these supplies? thank you so much.

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