It’s Finally Here!

Today was one of those days that never seemed to end. Work started early and kept me incredibly busy until I finally walked away at about 5:30 pm. Too bad it wasn’t fun, stimulating work.

It was mind numbingly frustrating, and I just wanted to scream. Luckily I have a work friend that is willing to let me just vent all I want and not care that I was nearly yelling at him, not because of him, he had actually nothing to do with my frustration. But he lets me vent, just like I let him vent. No questions, no offense, just a “get it all out on the table and I promise you’ll feel better” kind of venting. There are days I just love that man.

But in other news, Fall finally showed up! (Now, here’s hoping it sticks around)

I’m wearing a sweater, yoga pants, and socks…drinking Vanilla Chai Tea and Dark Chocolate Kisses. It’s kind of perfect.

Vanilla Chai & Dark Chocolate

I also had to run a few errands after work and was able to use a $10 gift card to Kohl’s on lovely fall inspired items.

Fall Finds

Pumpkin Spice K-Cups

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Kcups

adorable bird Christmas ornament and a really pretty flutter, infinity, olive green scarf.

Bird Ornament

I’m also still enjoying the cinnamon pinecones I bought last year. Although I want to pick up another bag just to freshen the scent.

Cinnamon Pinecones


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