What I Want Now – October Edition

New Washing Machine & Dryer

Let me clarify, I don’t actually want a new washer and dryer (well, maybe a little). However, my appliances are rebelling. First the air conditioner and now the Washing Machine is broken. It’s a cheapo that came with the house, and fixing it will cost several hundred dollars. I still need to do some research, but I think it might be smarter to replace them than to fix the issue.

Source: None via Joanie on Pinterest

Vintage Book iPod Dock (Etsy) ~$50

This Etsy seller turns stunning vintage (and vintage looking) books into working iPod docks. It’s rather ingenious and would look so cool on a bookshelf or nightstand.

Source: None via Addison on Pinterest

Recycled Bedside Water Carafe $44

Oh all the uses I could find for this glassware. It’s chunky and smooth, lovely in every way. I could see myself using these to serve OJ in the morning, or as vase for fresh cut flowers, or fancy up the vodka at a dinner party.

Moleskine Laptop Case $45-55 (Depending on size)

For anyone that loves the traditional Moleskine notebooks, this is for you. Maybe it’s all the amazing writers that have used these notebooks in the past, but just owning one makes me feel more eloquent & artistic. It’s a very classy way to carry your notebook, and would make a great gift for that stylish person in your life.

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant $319

Rustic lighting makes me swoon, and this is no exception. I really adore this fixture, even though I’d be hard pressed to actually pay $300 for it. Especially since there are so many tutorials out there to make them yourself (hint hint)

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant, Galvanized Metal finish


Decorative Pumpkin with Lights $39-79

I can’t help but throw a little Fall inspired decor in this post. These lighted pumpkins are so very cool and would look great throughout the holiday season. (you can also find them at Pier One)


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