NaNoWriMo 2011 – Participant


I was going to wait until after the first of the month to share this with you, but I reconsidered when I thought perhaps you may want to join in as well. So I wanted to share one of my November goals with you a little early.


To participate and WIN NaNoWriMo.


To clarify, there is no ‘one’ winner to NaNoWriMo. If you hit the goal, then you Win. I plan on winning big this year!

Every year I participate in NaNoWriMo, and I’ve never won. Now this is no fault but my own; however, the whole point of this blog is to help motivate myself (and maybe a few others) to take action in life and make those dreams you’ve held onto a reality. If you’ve ever considered writing a novel or any type of book, this may be a fun challenge for you.

If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, it’s National Novel Writing Month, held every November, hosted by the Office of Letters and Light. The Office of Letters and Light is non-profit that runs several other writing programs such as: ScriptFrenzy (held in April), and Young Writers Program (2700 schools are participating this year).

More than 250,000 people around the world will take part in the NaNoWriMo challenge this year to write 50,000 words in 30 days (about 1700 words a day). It’s FREE to anyone who wants to join in. You’re writing doesn’t have to make sense, just get it all down on paper. Don’t worry about grammer, plot points…JUST WRITE.

So if you think you might be interested in trying your hand at starting your first novel/story/book, sign up with me, here!

When you sign up make sure you set your region, there will be plenty of writing groups meeting in your area next month! If you find your the first in your area to sign up, start your own group and spread the writing love.

Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? Will you be joining this year?


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