Project Recap – October

It was a busy, busy project month and I didn’t even finish everything that I was hoping to. I was hoping to get the tile removed from the fireplace this month and the beadboard installed in the dining room. Both projects have been temporarily put on hold while I obtain some additional supplies. However, that didn’t spoil my fun this month. In all, I completed 9 projects/crafts around the house.

The Big Reveal – Laundry Room ReDesign

After the remodel, the laundry became one of my favorite rooms. Unfortunately by the months end the washing machine was broken and I’ve had to temporarily begin using a Laundromat. Even though, I’m not really using the room right now, I still feel happy every time I walk past it.

Laundry Room

Boo! DIY Mummy Pumpkin

Unexpectedly one of the most popular posts on the site, and one of the easiest crafts. It’s absolutely adorable and the fabric stiffener makes it durable for packing to use next year.

DIY Mummy Pumpkin

DIY Glitter Skull

My fun knock off of the more expensive glitter skulls being sold out there.

Glitter Skull DIY

DIY – Slip Proof Rug

I used a $2 tube of caulking to give some traction to my kitchen rug.

Slip Proof Rug Project

Candy Corn Vase & Holiday ‘Mantle’

Using the vase-in-vase technique and a bag of Candy Corn, I made a simple and pretty floral decor piece. I also shared my Halloween inspired ‘mantle’.

Candy Corn Vase Filler

DIY – How To Use a Hurricane Candle Holder for Kitchen Utensils

This was one of those projects that has been on my list for a while and was free since I had everything on hand. I turned a West Elm candle Hurricane into a functional utensil holder.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

Crafty DIY: Halloween Sign

I needed a Halloween sign for my new Front Door Post (below) and this was a fun craft project made out of scraps from the Door Post.

Halloween Sign

DIY – Front Door Sign Post

I made a post for the front door to hold decorative signs for the seasons. It was fairly simple to build and has made a huge difference to the look of the front door.

Front Door Post

DIY: Installing Sprinklers When Growing Grass on Concrete

Out of everything I did this month, this was the biggest accomplishment. Last month I installed a way to grow grass on concrete and this month I installed sprinklers for those grass planters. Along with the water timer, this has been the best functional project so far.

Grass Planter Sprinkler Installation

Lots of fun stuff this month, but I have even bigger ideas for next month. Keep an eye out at the beginning of November for a very cool project involving my home’s thermostat as part of the Pinterst Challenge.


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