October Monthly Goal Recap

1. Education
    • I’ve signed up for the Blogging Your Way e-course hosted by Holly Becker of Decor8 & Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint, and I’m so excited! They are going to cover all the topics I have questions about as a new blogger. I also want to create an experience on this site, and I think this will help me further develop my voice/style.

We’re entering the last week of the course and I’m so inspired by the information that has been shared so far. I find myself referencing the documents on a daily basis. The instructors have covered nearly everything that I could think of and have inspired me to make some major (and not so major) changes around here. I’m even considering a complete re-design of the site in the new year. If you are a new blogger or an established blogger looking to learn a few new things, I would definitely recommend this course. I believe they will be hosting another session in the Spring.


2. Finish Training for the Del Mar 10K

    • We’re one month into training with just about one month left to go. I need to make lots of progress in this area or I won’t be ready on November 6th.

I have one week until the ‘race’ and I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I will be running my 10K this coming weekend; although some things have changed. I may not be running in the actual race, but I will still be completing a 10K. I’ll share more about where I will be running the race as we get closer to the weekend.

3. Local Adventure

    • Visit a Real Pumpkin Patch (not one set up in a grocery store parking lot)
    • Jury Duty – Can I count this as a local adventure since it’s the first time I’ve done Jury Duty in this county?

I visited Bates Pumpkin Patch this year.

Bates Nut Farm, Pumpkin Patch

I also bought a pumpkin and attempted to carve it. I really liked how it turned out, he makes me smile.

Pumpkin Carving

I also did Jury Duty, but it was long and boring so we’ll just move right past that day in history.

4. Finish Phases in the Backyard and Dining Room

    • Install Dining Room Wainscoting & Curtains (this did not happen as I still need to obtain additional supplies)
    • Install Sprinklers and finish Sod in outdoor planters (I have finished the sprinkler system and the larger planter is done. Flowers have even been planted, but the post has not yet gone up. I still have to finish the smaller planter, which I hope to have done in November)

Grass Planter Sprinkler Installation

5. Craftiness

    • Fun Fall/Halloween Crafts. So many lined up for this month, like this adorable little mummy pumpkin.

Lot of fun craftiness this month. You can see the project recap here for links.

DIY Mummy Pumpkin

6. 31 day dance challenge

    • I don’t care if it’s while cooking dinner or in a club. I will dance for 30 minutes everyday.

 I didn’t really keep track of this, but I did make a point of using my ipod while cooking/cleaning and that always makes me dance. However, I have a November goal that will revolve around dancing as exercise. I’m very excited about this!

7. Stop Biting & Grow My Nails

If I actually accomplish this, it will be a miracle. Especially since I’ve been trying to stop biting my nails since the beginning of time. Breaking a lifetime habit is not easy.

I DID IT! It will be an ongoing battle, but I stopped biting my nails this month. I was also was able to do my first French manicure on my own nails in nearly a decade. You can see my nail recap here, as well as some tips on how to kick the habit yourself.

Nail Challange

8. Keep reading

    • I would like to get through at least 4 books this month. I have so many good ones to go through.

I skipped the Mental Dumbbells post this month since all my reading was directed toward the Blogging Your Way course. I’ll need to pick back up with the books next month.

9. Keep Writing

    • I got more into the blog last month than I expected and my other writing took a bit of a back seat. Time to step that up and brainstorm freelance opportunities.
    • I’d also like to submit at least one article as a contributor on another design site

The contributor article didn’t happen this month but I do have several freelance ideas drafted which I hope will pan out over the next few months. I also used my planned efforts for writing toward the blogging e-course and I have created a big list of improvements to the website.

10. Routine

    • Get into a routine that allows me enough sleep, and time for everything else that I want to do. I have a fancy pants planner that I rarely use. I should really dig that out of my junk drawer.

For the most part this was successful. I have been using my planner which has contributed to my increased productivity and organization. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to stick with the paper planner or if I’m going to begin using my phone as my primary electronic planner. Any recommendations??


I’ll be back later this afternoon to share the November goals, as well as a donation based goal that you can help me with. (…and it will cost you nothing!)


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