November Penny Donation Campaign – Toys for Tots

While we should be practicing gratitude all year-long, November is the official month for giving thanks. It’s also a time when we need to reach out and help those around us that are experiencing a less fortunate holiday season. There are many ways you can contribute during this time.

Some common ways you can help…

  • Making financial donation to a charity of your choice
  • Donate your time to a local soup kitchen or hospital
  • Have your kids help you pick a toy to be donated to Toys for Tots or local family shelter (Get the entire family involved!)

If you live in a county that has a 211 help line then you can simply dial 211 from any landline (some counties support cell phone 211 calls) and be connected to social service resources in your area. Meaning you can call this line if you need help and also if you want to offer help. I used to work for a local 211 line and it is an amazing service. I can’t tell you how many people would call needing help with food, toys, child care, shelter, utility payments, etc. This resource, if offered in your county, is available year round. However, I point this out now, because these call centers should also have a list of locations that need donations and volunteers during the holidays.

If you need help at this time of year, please consider 211 a resource. There are amazing services out there that can help you and your family and asking for help is never something to be ashamed of. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, and I applaud those that take action to help themselves and their families. There are even resources that can help you with obtaining a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

I strongly believe that a building a tradition of giving back during the holidays (and year round) is an amazing legacy you can leave. If you have the time or resources, please consider giving back this year. It doesn’t need to cost you a cent, your time can be a great help as well.

November Penny Donation Campaign

In fact, you can help me on the blog to give back, and it won’t cost you a cent. Consider your ‘visit’ a donation. In addition to other donations that I’ll be making, I am officially launching the November Penny Donation Campaign.

For every visit to this blog during the month of November, I will donate one penny to Toys for Tots. At the end of the month, I’ll take the final visit count and calculate the donation.


Only a penny?

Granted a penny doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up, and together I think we can gather a nice sum for them. I figured this would be an interactive way that others can give back without breaking into the bank, while also building my blog.

Every Visit Equals One Penny!

It’s as simple as that! Just visit the blog once a day and your visit will count toward a donation to Toys for Tots.

I would love to hear any stories about how you give back during the holidays. You can leave your story in the comments or feel free to email me. I’d love to put together a post near the end of the month with a collection of ways people help in their communities. Please feel free to tell your story anonymously as well.

*Based on current visit counts I don’t plan on setting a maximum amount that I will donate for this campaign; however, if the visit counter increases to an amazing number, I may need to put a maximum donation limit in place. I’ll let you know where we’re at as we approach the middle of the month. Also, at this time I do not employ any type of advertising on the site. I will not be financially profiting from an increase in visits, just in case anyone was wondering.


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