On My Bookshelf – Life of Pi

A few weeks back, when they were still liquidating their remaining stores, I stopped past Borders. Hands down, Borders was my favorite bookstore, and I’m sad that they are no longer around. It also makes me sad that they sold their domain name to Barnes & Noble. I was partially hoping that they would maintain their online presences…ya know, despite the whole Bankruptcy thing.

In those last few weeks of existence, I roamed several Borders as if books themselves were never going to be found again. I love books, bookstores, and libraries. I bought close to a dozen books during those weeks, but one really stood out.

Life of Pi

I had heard really great things about Life of Pi, and this was a hardcopy illustrated version. I ‘heart’ hardcopy books in particular, but that isn’t really what sold me on buying the book.

Life of Pi

That little pink sticky note did it. As I flipped through the book in the store, I almost put it back. While it looked interesting, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it. I honestly thought I might just get it at the library.

However, as I closed the book, I noticed the pink note.

Life of Pi

Get This! (it’ll make you happy!)”

Life of Pi

I don’t know why I trust a little pink sticky note left by a stranger, but I felt like I needed to follow the advice on this one, so I bought it that day. My mom actually started reading it first and spent quite some time in tears before giving it back to me, unfinished. So I’m not so sure how happy I’ll be in the end, but I’ll go with the note and give it a shot.

Have you read Life of Pi?  What are you reading right now?


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