I’m Feeling Inspired – Fall/Autumn Inspired Crafts

As if you don’t know already, I LOVE Autumn (I’ve probably only mentioned it in every post lately). Since I am out having a girls shopping day with my Mom today, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite Thanksgiving/Autumn inspired projects that seem quick and easy to complete.

Herbal Fire Starter

I think these are the coolest thing, but I can’t use them at my house since I have a gas fireplace. However, these would make a great filler for a Autumn housewarming basket for those that have traditional wood fireplaces. I can only imagine how great the house would smell with these crackling on the fire.

Yarn Turkey

Ok, I know this is geared for kids. However, I really want to make this myself. Each ‘feather’ has a thing you’re thankful for listed on it.

Pinned Image


The Thankful Tree

If the Thankful Turkey above doesn’t do it for you, maybe this Thankful tree will. I think I may make this for my ‘mantle’ this year. It’s simple, beautiful, and can act as a great conversation starter on Thanksgiving day as people read the messages.

Tissue Paper Luminaries

This is such an easy way to dress up your glass candle holders for the holidays. Imagine all the possibilities year round. I’m picturing a beautiful collection of pastel papered luminaries for Easter/Spring.


Found Object Vase Filler

Granted you can buy everything in this vase, but I think it would be much more fun to take a walk with your kids (or dog…for us single gals/guys) on Thanksgiving morning and collect some twigs, acorns, and leaves for the dinner table centerpiece.

19 Festive Fall Centerpieces: Mixed Leaves Vase Centerpiece


As a kid we always made a version of the Yarn Turkey, usually made out of pinecones, handprints, and/or gumdrops. To this day I don’t like gumdrops because of eating so many while making those turkeys in class.

Do you have any Thanksgiving/Autumn projects you are doing this year? Anything special you do with your kids, I’d love to hear about great holiday traditions.


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