Fireplace Progress – Tile Removal

What happens when you have writers block and a never ending home project list…

Fireplace Demolition

This happens!

…but before I go any further, let’s take a quick look back. A few months back I shared that I really wanted to redo the fireplace in time to hang Christmas stockings and we’re coming up on the stocking hanging season. I’ve also been talking about it ever since I moved in over a year ago. It’s one of the top 5 things I want to do in this house.

Here’s a shot of the living room before I moved in. The walls were sage green, the carpet was sage green (and still is), and the beige fireplace tiles pretty much blended right into the wall.

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly…


Within the first month I painted the wall a grey (that unfortunately looks slightly purple) and the fireplace looked better.


The next step was to paint the fireplace screen, and remove all traces of brass. You can read more about that process here and it cost less than $5 to do.


As I find myself in the middle of November I figured it was time to get started on the next steps. So while I was sitting on the couch last night, staring at the fireplace, avoiding my computer…I decided to pull down some tile. Actually I decided to see what would happen if I picked at one corner with some tools.

Fireplace Demolition

Apparently when they built the house, they didn’t use thin set to adhere the tile to the wall. This is not really a shocker based on how other parts of the house were constructed. They used large globs of construction adhesive and A LOT of grout. The first few tiles came down very fast, within minutes, they were barely holding on. Since things were going smoothly, I kept at it.

Fireplace Demolition

About 20 minutes later I had the entire top row removed. At this point it was getting to late to continue. The fireplace wall is shared with my neighbor and I didn’t feel right making that much noise while they were home. I’ll have to keep working on it, and I hope to have all the tile down this weekend.

Fireplace Demolition

I expect that I’ll need to do some drywall repair, but otherwise everything is coming down better than expected. Hopefully the rest of the tiles come down as easily as the first few.

…and a few of my inspiration pictures. These are the closest I can find that fit the vision I have in my head. I already have the tile picked out (and partially purchased), but I’m still planning out the surround.

Source: via Addison on Pinterest

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