Kitchen Ledge Installation

I’m a strong believer that you can make small changes to your home and it can have a BIG impact. Paint is the first thing to come to mind, as it’s probably the most inexpensive design element that can make the biggest impact. However, once you venture beyond paint, there are a lot of other options when you start to think outside the box.

In this case the design ‘box’ was an awkward half wall that separated the living room and kitchen. This wall also has the sink and dishwasher.


At first I thought that the wall would perfectly accommodate a breakfast bar, but there is a clearance issue as you enter the room. Hands down, everyone would run into the bar when they enter the room, which I’m pretty sure would be incredibly annoying…and painful.


However, in this state it was a wasted space. The wall was slightly uneven so balancing items on it was difficult and it was cracking along the top as well. It just looked out-of-place and unfinished.


This design dilemma had a simple fix that made a huge difference. See there was a point to my intro above.

With a little moulding, a primed piece of MDF, some screws, glue, and caulking…we had a perfect ledge. It also tied in with every other ledge in the house which gave everything a very unified feeling.


A little before and after action for you…

DSC03171     DSC03173

The whole thing was assembled off site and then brought to the house and installed in about 30 minutes. By off site…I mean my dad was sweet talked into yet another project. That man is just too good to me when it comes to house projects.


This shelf has been an amazing addition and it looks like it came with the house. Now I can set items on the ledge without fear of them tipping over and spilling all over the carpet. It also lends itself well to holding groceries that need to be put into the pantry, which is just outside the kitchen.


You can see the pantry in this picture, it’s the door on the left hand side of the picture. You can also see a ledge that was built with the house in the background taped off in blue as I was applying a fresh coat of paint. They match incredibly well.


The entire project was less than $30, in fact it may have even been less than that, but unfortunately I didn’t keep any of the receipts.

What simple projects have you done that made a huge impact in your home?


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