Metamorphosis Level 1 – Complete

So we’re finally here, two weeks in and the first Level done! Things are going well and I feel great overall. For a little background, each level (I sometimes refer to them as cycles) will last me 14 days, 10 of which are Meta planned workouts. The other 4 days are either rest days or random fun workout days. I will post updates like this every 14 days for the next few months to keep me on track.


Pounds Lost this cycle: 7.7

Pounds Lost overall: 22.7

Inches Lost this cycle: 4”

Here is a recap of how the first cycle of Meta workouts.

Day 1 – 3

[D1] I’m no pro, but I do consider myself a pretty damn good dancer. I also have  knack at picking up routines very quickly. However, the first day I felt like a total spaz. The moves change so quickly during the dance cardio that it’s tough to keep up. [D2] It hurt to move. But I kept at it and did both the cardio and muscle work. [D3] I could move on day 3, but it hurt to breathe…and sneeze. Oh dear lord my abs hurt so bad when I sneezed, I wanted to cry. I completed both the muscle work and the cardio, but I was so sore I couldn’t go full out on the cardio.

Day 4

The soreness was getting better on day 4. I didn’t cringe when I walked down the stairs or burst into tears at the grocery store when I unexpectedly had to sneeze. Everything still hurt, but that was to be expected. I was working my body like never before. Even with all the pain, I felt stronger and leaner. As of day 4, I felt leaner because I had already lost about 5 lbs which was a great motivator to keep going.

Day 5

Finally the golden day, the first day everything felt good. I was still sore, but it was far from unbearable. In fact it felt like a badge of honor since I could feel my abs working and my legs felt strong. I still struggled on the leg muscle work, but it’s far better than on day 4.

Day 6

Part of the arm workout uses weights, but since I’m new to this, I haven’t been using them. However, on day 6, I added the 3 lb weights. It felt good and so empowering to be stronger today than a week ago.

Day 7 – 8

I only did the muscle work on day 7 & 8 because I was frankly still tired from finishing the 10K. The blisters on my feet hadn’t healed enough to put my tennis shoes back on so I skipped out on the 30 minutes of dancing for a good night sleep. However, I did add in the weights to the arm muscle work both days and it felt great. Just hard enough to really feel it, but totally doable since I’ve gotten so much stronger in the past week.

Day 9 – 10

Back in the groove and feeling good. I finished 30 minutes of Cardio Dance and the full muscle work with weights. Food did slip a little on these days but I honestly didn’t feel bad about it because over the course of 2 weeks I had worked out at least 10 days and lost almost 8 lbs.

General Tips I’ve learned this Cycle:

  • Know your own pace and how to push it. You get out of this program what you put in, so if you slack off, you’re only cheating yourself.
  • Do your own warm up and cool down, also add in a little stretching since it’s not really included in the DVDs.
  • Use your own playlist for the cardio dance and don’t be afraid to freestyle the entire dance section. I stopped following her cardio dance on day 4, I find it more fun to freestyle it.
  • Use a towel under your knee during the ground legwork (this made the biggest difference for me)
  • Watch all the DVDs at least once before starting the workout, trust me on this, it will seriously help you out.
  • Close your blinds until you really get the hang of this. You will look like a spaz the first time out, having the blinds closed meant I didn’t really care how I looked since no one could see me.
  • Odd fact: My left leg is stronger than my right; however, my right arm is far stronger than my left. Overall my arms are so much stronger than my legs right now.
  • The workouts are tough, but doable. Don’t feel like a failure just because you can’t keep up or do all the reps. Just keep going and you’ll see major progress.

Things I’ve learned work for me:

  • I like to work out at night since I’m a night owl. I do not do mornings very well. So at 6pm I started having  a little coffee to give me the perk up I needed to really push through the tough workout later that night. A little coffee to me is about 1/2 a cup. Anymore and I get very chatty and my dog didn’t appreciate it.
  • While I do still wear the BodyBugg to track my calorie burn, I stopped counting calories that I eat. I try to hit goals based on the number of fruits, veggies, and water I get that day. After that, I can have my ‘foodie’ dinner and not stress.
  • I really wear myself out when dancing so I learned that it was better for me to complete the muscle work first. Otherwise I’m too tired to maintain proper muscle work form after the cardio dance.

As I mentioned before, I’m not following the included Meta eating plan. A few people asked me to post my daily eats and while I won’t be sharing my eats on a daily basis (I just don’t have the patience for it), here are just some of the dinners I have had recently.

Potato Soup with Cheddar in a Bread bowl

Potato Cheddar Soup/Bread Bowl

Veggies, Eggs, and Toast

Breakfast For Dinner

Brussel Sprout stalks are back!! I roasted some sprouts and potatoes one night for a light dinner.

2011-11-12 16 20 02

Brown Rice, Tilapia, and Broccoli Cheddar patties (really good way to eat broccoli if you don’t like it)

Broccoli Patties & Rice

Spaghetti, Peas, Shrimp and Parmesan Marinara


Yesterday I started Level 2 and it hurts to breathe again, but I know I will get better and stronger everyday.


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