Top Ten Goals – December 2011

I realize that I sometimes get a little wordy when I list out my top ten, I just get so excited. However, I’ll try to reign myself in, especially since I have a few more posts going up today.

1. Finish Fireplace & Hope Chest

I have a dream of putting Christmas stockings on a mantle this year…and it’s going to happen!!

Fireplace Remodel

2. Christmas Ornament Challenge

I wanted something fun to do this year leading up to Christmas so I decided to come up with a new DIY ornament a day for 20 days. Beginning today, you’ll get at least one new ornament tutorial per day until 12/21.

(I will not be teaching you how to make the below ornament, it’s just a favorite of mine. Although, I do have an idea for a knock off.)

3. Lose 10 lbs

…of course I pick the hardest time of year to lose weight…but I can do it. Bring It On!!

4. New recipe every week

Last month I made a lot of old favorites at my house and stopped trying to cook something new. This month I want to get back into cooking something new every week. If they turn out, I’ll post them here.

5. Cookie Swap

I’m participating in a Blogger Cookie Swap which has been pretty hush-hush. I can’t tell you who I have [maybe it’s YOU!] but the cookies are being shipped out and the recipe will be up later this month.


6. Host Christmas Dinner at my house

I love hosting dinners at my house, but since I live quite far from my closest family/friends I rarely do them. However, this year I have the space and seating to host a dinner for my family on Christmas Day.

The last time I hosted dinner was a few years back in my little apartment and people had to sit on the floor, but it was so much fun.

7. Mental Dumbbells

Read at least 4 books…enough said.

8. Los Angeles Weekend

I had so much fun spending a night in San Diego last month that I’m doing the same for LA this month. Thing I’m most looking forward to…The Getty.

Getty Center Cafe


9. Get new eye glasses

I need to get new glasses. Ya know…

…so I look this sexy holding them in my hand.



10. Consistent posting through the whole month, including the holiday

Last month I dropped the ball on posting throughout the holidays. This month I want to make sure I have a post up everyday and that I take the time to make it something special.


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