DIY: JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

I have a weird fascination with yarn lately. This is my third yarn sign,and I hear ya, it can get boring. However, I’m terrible at painting freehand words and I need a holiday sign for my front door. Plus, the yarn has a cozy warm feeling and it’s easy…oh and cheap. Yes, I like cheap inexpensive crafts.

I also needed something unique since I needed to match the color scheme of this bell wreath.


Instead of more purple, I decided to go with gray, white and green.

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Step 1:

Collect your supplies.

  • Cardboard or paper letters
  • 3 colors of yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Step 2:

In my opinion, the letter ‘O’ is the hardest to wrap. Seems easy, but you have to pass the ball of yarn through the letter to wrap it and it’s just cumbersome. To make it easier, I wrapped it in stages. I cut long pieces of yarn and wrapped the entire letter in three thin layers.

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Tip: Use a nail stick or skewer in order to push the yarn into the hot glue. It saves your nails and keeps hot glue off your hands.

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Step 3:

Continue wrapping all the letters.

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Tip: For the difficult areas, glue short pieces in place before wrapping the letters.

JOY Holiday Yarn Sign

Step 4:

Attach Twine for hanging, using glue or a staple gun. I prefer staples, but if you don’t have a staple gun, hot glue should work as long as you use enough.

JOY Yarn Holiday Sign

Project Cost Breakdown (per Ornament):

3 Cardboard Letters (Hobby Lobby) = $4.50

3 Colors of Yarn (Already Owned) = $0

Hot Glue/Scissors/Twine/Staples (Already Owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $4.50

In addition to the sign, I’ve also changed up the setup a bit. I swapped out the hay bale and pumpkin for fun holiday trees and new Christmas colors. If I could track down an inexpensive white poinsettia, I’d love to add that as well, but I refuse to pay $10 for one since I’ll probably kill it.

JOY Yarn Holiday Sign

JOY Yarn Holiday Sign


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