Room Reveal: Dining Room Moulding – Under $100

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this room reveal. When I moved into my first home  a little over a year ago, I didn’t even know what to do with a formal dining room. I dreamed of having large holiday dinners in there, but otherwise it’s been a bit of a dead space. And since I don’t yet own a dining room table, I won’t be hosting any large dinner parties for a while. Currently I eat at a pub table in my kitchen and use the dining room for…well nothing really.

However, that is all about to change, because I’ve finished a big TO DO item on my list.

First, let’s take a little trip back in time…to when I bought the house. A dining room was not on my wish list, but I lucked out and got one that has a very open feeling. The floor plan is a little wacky, so I’ll have to share a full post on a home tour soon, but the dining room opens to the first floor so it is literally very open.

Before… (gotta love that green carpet and walls – I’m slowly trying to get rid of it)


About 6 months ago I decided to do a chair rail and had visions of a pretty grey on the bottom separating the top with crisp white moulding. I also found those incredible sconces at Homegoods and snapped them up right away. The white wood blinds came with the house.

Dining Room

The grey turned out a little funky, but I left it alone because I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I also purchased some curtains from IKEA (that need to be hemmed).

I ended up loving the sconces and curtains, but the wall color looked awful with the dark grey curtains. Why does every grey paint I pick out look purple or blue? Anyone have  recommendations for a shade of grey that doesn’t have bruise like undertones?

Dining Room - In Progress

I still wasn’t sure how I wanted to replace the wall color so I kept going and added my Knock Off Pottery Barn Bar, built by my dad. As well as a few accessories.

Pottery Barn Knock Off - Bar

After a bit of Googling and DIY research online, I settled on installing moulding along the bottom of the wall. I purchased 8 foot boards that were 1/4 inch thick. They ran about $8 a board which was more than I wanted to pay, but I had to have 1/4 inch thick which is difficult to find. Why did I need 1/4 inch boards? I have very simple baseboards and I didn’t want to remove or replace them. The 1/4 inch boards are the exact thickness for the baseboards so they butt up against them perfectly.

I purchased 13 boards (only used 10) and 3 – 8 foot lengths of a simple chair rail.

Dining Room - In Progress

After measuring out the proper height, I started installing the top moulding. I’m incredibly paranoid about moulding falling off the wall so I used both Liquid Nails and finishing nails to secure them to the wall. There is no way these boards are coming down…sorry future homeowners. I hope you like it.

Dining Room - In Progress

After the top piece was secure, I added the chair rail using Liquid Nails.

Dining Room - In Progress

Once the top board and chair rail was installed, I measured out the distance between the vertical boards. I settled on 14 inches which meant that I didn’t need to cut around any of the outlets. Yay!

This whole process would have been much easier if I had a electric saw, but instead I used a miter box and handsaw. Honestly, it was a total pain and I finished the day with my hand in blisters. But I wanted to use what I had and not go out and buy equipment on a whim.

However, now my Christmas list is filled with tools and other equipment.

Dining Room - In Progress

All the vertical boards were installed with the Liquid Nail/Finishing Nail combo, and left to cure for a few days.

Dining Room - In Progress

After installing the boards, there were days of finishing.

Wood filler…


…more sanding…


and Painting.

Overall installation took 1 full day and the prep/finishing took about 3 days (but I was only working on it at night).

Every minute of work and every blister was well worth it.


Dining Room Moulding - FAV

Dining Room Moulding - X

Dining Room Moulding - X

Dining Room Moulding - X

One more look back…




Dining Room Moulding - FAV

I love, love, LOVE it.

Project Cost Breakdown (estimated):

1/4 Inch board – 8 feet long (Qty: 10) (Lowes) = $80

Chair Rail – 8 feet long (Qty: 3) (Lowes) = $15

Liquid Nails (Lowes) = $2

Nails/Hammer/Saw/Miter Box/Nail Set/Sander (Already Owned) = $0

Wood Filler/Kilz Primer/Semi Gloss White Paint (Already Owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $97


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    • Yep, I did this one all on my own. The moulding was lightweight so it was easy to work with. I did do a little extra work of putting guide lines on the walls with pencil first. I did this because I didn’t have anyone behind me to see if the moulding was even when I adhered it to the wall. Just use a level to add the lines, then you can line up the moulding when you glue it down. You could definitely do this project solo and it will turn out GREAT!

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