2011 Gift Guide – For The Home

As much as I loved the Ladies Holiday list, I love this list more. I am a sucker for home decor and any of these would be welcomed with open arms under my tree. I’m off to finish my holiday shopping with my mom today, so I’ll be back later to share today’s ornament.

Custom Return Address Stamp

Cost: $59

I actually wouldn’t limit this gift to Holidays. This would make a great housewarming gift or wedding gift. It’s unique, handmade, and completely beautiful.

Return address stamp from etsy

Nest Core Homescent | west elm

Cost: $19.95

Clean, lovely candles are a wonderful gift for anytime of year. I really like these because the packaging is so simple and beautiful. They would go with anyone’s decor and the scents sound great (like Lime Basil, Almond Coconut, or Wild Orchid). The container would also make a great vase once the candle is gone.


Koostik Mini Koo iPhone Speaker

Cost: $70

The greatest ‘green’ speaker ever created (in my opinion). This ipod/iphone speaker has no cables and requires no electricity making it great for anywhere at anytime.

Koostik Mini Koo Speaker 

Cozy Throw | west elm

Cost: $49-69

The temperatures have finally dropped and all I want to do is wrap up in a cozy throw in front of the fire.


Schoolhouse Extension Cord

Cost: $39

I currently have a really ugly orange extension cord running across my office as I close out the ornament challenge. It looks awful and makes me cringe. However, this lovely fabric covered extension cord would look great in any room, even when it’s left out in the open.

Schoolhouse Extension Cord 

Miix Spoon Set

Cost: $28

Unique, Pretty, and I want them so much.


zani & zani pentola stock pot – matte white

Cost: $120-$550

I almost didn’t put this on here since I could never afford it. In fact, if I read the website right, the lid alone is $120…WHAT? However, I do love the idea of a white stock pot and it could serve for inspiration. I’ll keep looking for a cheaper style. (Don’t ask me why they would photograph a white pot on a white background…makes no sense).

Zani Zani Pentola Stock Pot Matte White

ovopur water filter

Cost: $699

Ok, yes I know, another ridiculously expensive item that I would probably never be able to afford. However, I’ve never seen water filter quite this lovely, and if you’ve won the lottery recently, it might be great for you.



OVOpur water filter 

Party Games – Not Your Mom’s Table Topics

Cost: $13.95

I don’t have a lot of games in my house, but I’m addicted to these Tabletopics. They are great for company anytime and can start some very interesting conversations.



Coconut Milk Mango Soy Tin

Cost: $17.50

I found a similar candle at Anthropologie last year that had such a great tropical scent. This is the closest I could find to that candle, in fact it may even be the same company that created them for Anthropologie. I gave the candle away as gifts to a few people, everyone loved them. (that or they flat out lied to me…)


airplane doorstop

Cost: $38

Do I even need to say anything about this? Greatest doorstop…EVER!


ripple porcelain trays – white

Cost: $30

I’m hosting Christmas dinner at my house this year and I would love to have these on hand. The simple style but unusual edge make them a great ‘wow’ piece.

ripple porceline trays abc home


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