Ringing In the New Year & The Future Me

Side Note: Thank you to all the kind comments/emails regarding my ‘serious note’ post, I was touched by your kind words. My back is feeling much better and I was able to ring in the New Year nearly pain free. This year is already off to a great start!

Letter To Future Me 2012 Banner 2

Oh yes it did!

No, I didn’t get the year wrong above, I’m just breaking out my psychic abilities to see the future. I knew watching all those Psych DVD sets were doing me some good, I feel smarter already.

Actually, I’m trying something new this year (beside watching less TV, because being able to recite full episodes of Psych is not a worthy skill…or so I’m told). This year I decided to attempt the ‘Future Letter’ and write a letter to myself 12 months in the future. Over the past few days I’ve been planning my goals for the new year. I know some avoid them, but I love resolutions. I usually try to be very specific and break them down into smaller tasks so they are more achievable. It would be a very long post if I was to list them all out so I won’t bore you. However, to give you an idea, I wouldn’t write eat healthy on my resolution list. Instead, I would write specific monthly goals, such as…eat 7 servings of fruit/veggie each day in January, or drink a green smoothie once a day in February. The hope would be to turn the monthly goal into a habit and maintain eating a healthy diet all year long.

This year, in addition to my incredibly long goals list, I created a letter as my future self. The letter is written as if it’s New Year’s Eve, and I was looking back over everything I have accomplished in 2012. I described what I looked like, where I travelled, people I met, adventures I took, and all my accomplishments. It was detailed and fun. If the letter comes true, it’s going to be a very, VERY good year. 

I tucked the letter in a safe spot so that I can reference it a few times a year to see my progress, but not stress myself out over reading it everyday.

2011 New Years Champagne

Last night, to celebrate the new year and the first day I’ve been off pain pills…I popped some bubbly. I had been saving this for when I bought my first home. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t drink it when I bought the house in 2010…but it came in handy last night.

Nothing like enjoying a glass of my favorite ‘cheapy’ champagne to start things off on the right foot! I may have paired it with some Dark Chocolate Moose Munch. The combination tasted as odd as it sounds. But if you drink enough Champagne, you kind of forget about the Moose Munch, so it’s all good.

2011 New Years Champagne

We’re celebrating my Dad’s birthday today and I’m baking a very cool, golf inspired, cake. I’ll be back later with some pics.

How was your New Years celebration?


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