Introducing – The Garage!

Now that we got that cleaning post out of the way yesterday, let me show you a mess.

Welcome to my Garage!

This is one side of a two car garage.

Garage - Before

The other side has my car and trash cans and will remain unchanged. Since I only have one car, I would like to turn the other side of the garage in a workshop of sorts. Right now it’s just a mish mash of random crap.

Let’s take a little tour of randomness, shall we?

Garage 01 copy


  • I’ve been using the cardboard box from my BBQ as my workbench for the past 6 months.
  • The dog food container is front and center since ants invaded the indoor stash and with my back I wasn’t able to reach the spot on the floor where I normally keep it.
  • The dresser is a hand me down that has been through my parents, then to my brother, then over to me. It’s currently holding a whole bunch of smaller stuff, like towels, drill bits, and paint trays.
  • I don’t know why I have a rug in my garage right now. It’s really too dirty to stand on, I’d rather stand on the garage floor.
  • I had such hope for that tomato cage…

The shelving unit holds a little bit of everything:

  • Paint, Grass Seed, Extra Water/Ice Tea, etc.

Garage - Before

I spy one of my Christmas presents!

[Ok, I didn’t notice the pizza box until after I took the picture. It’s now in the trash.]

One of my Christmas presents was a Ryobi Tool set that includes a Drill, Charger, Flashlight, and Circular Saw. I didn’t actually put it on my Christmas list because they are expensive, but I ask my dad questions about them every time we walk into Lowes.

I can’t imagine where Santa got the idea. 😉

Garage 02 copy

I spy my other Christmas Present!

I think my dad took pity on my poor little BBQ box workbench. So I got a very cool workbench that actually folds up and flips over into scaffolding. Very Cool!

Garage 03 copy

Another shameful angle of the hot mess Garage.

Garage - Before

Garage - Before

Garage - Before

Ok, it’s grossing me out now.

I expect the garage to be a work in progress, probably all year long. Each thing in the garage is pretty expensive so I’ll be working on it bit by bit. However, I do plan on doing a lot of organization this month. I want to set up the workbench, clear out the unnecessary items, sweep up all the dog hair (I swear I could make a second dog out of all the hair Bubba sheds).

Here’s a little eye candy to get my pictures out of your brain…

My favorite!!

Pinned Image


Great storage options.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image



3 responses

  1. Geez, talk about beautifying a home, I would’ve never thought about making a garage aesthetically pleasing. Good luck with the garage project 🙂

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