DIY – Upcycled Herb Cans

They’re alive! The succulents have survived 2 weeks and I’m feeling somewhat confident with my green thumb right now, so I took on another plant project. Herbs are my safety plant. They are fairly easy to grow and fun to add to homemade meals. Just wait until you can tell people that you made that fancy pesto dinner with basil from your garden.

For a fun change of pace, I stopped asking my mom to save me toilet paper rolls, and had her reserve a few empty soup cans instead. (I really have to stop asking people for their trash…It causes a lot of awkward pauses on the phone).

You can buy small starter herbs from your local hardware store or nursery for about a $2 each,or grow them from seed. With a little puffy paint and spray paint, you can even dress them up a bit.

Can Herb Garden

Step 1:

Collect your supplies.

  • Empty, clean can, label removed
  • Puffy Paint or Hot Glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Nail/Hammer
  • Small Plant
  • Extra Potting Soil

Can Herb Garden

Step 2:

Using the puffy paint or hot glue, add some designs to the cans. I prefer puffy paint over hot glue only because the hot glue strings can be a pain, but I believe in using what you have. No need to pay for puffy paint if you have already have something that will work.

Step 3:

After the designs have dried, spray paint the cans. I went with white, but a mix of colors would be really pretty too.

Step 4:

Using a nail and hammer, add a few drainage holes to the bottom of the cans. With a little bit of added potting soil plant your herbs. 

Can Herb Garden

In a lucky turn of events, the cans happen to fit the standard candle holder. I was able to set a can in the lantern and it added some fun and height to the vignette.

Can Herb Garden

Eventually these plants will outgrow the cans, but when that happens I can move them to a larger pot and rotate in some new herbs to the cans.

Project Cost Breakdown:

Empty Soup Cans (Already Owned) = $0

3 Small Herbs (Lowes) = $6

Potting Soil (Already Owned) = $0

Puffy Paint (Already Owned) = $0

Spray Paint (Already Owned) = $0

Nail/Hammer (Already Owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $6


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