Garage – In Progress

Sometimes the progress is small. Sometimes it’s purchasing a storage unit and finishing some cleaning/organizing,  but that’s still progress in my opinion. A few weeks back I showed you my garage, it was a mess. In the back of my mind, I know it’s going to take a while to collect all the pieces for this room. I want to have it painted professionally (part of the ceiling is too high for me to reach on my own). I want to purchase a heavy duty workbench an add some shelving/more storage. A lot of the things I want to do in this room take lots of $$$ so I’m realistically saying it will take me all year to officially ‘finish’ the garage.

However, I see some progress, and this makes me very happy.


I had stuff spread everywhere, a big random collection of stuff.

Garage - Before

Garage - Before

The first step was to dump any trash or damaged items. I’ve also separated out some paint that needs to be sent to a Hazardous Waste site and a box of items set aside for donation.

Garage - Before

In Progress:

So far, I’ve organized, cleaned and purchased a storage rack from Costco. I have to say that this storage rack has far surpassed my expectations. I paid about $64 for it, and unless you’re the Hulk, you’ll need at least two people to lift the box. It’s HEAVY!

Garage - In Progress

I was able to build the storage rack by myself, but it would have been useful to have a second set of hands. However, it was well worth all the effort when I was able to cleanly organize everything yesterday…with room to spare.

Garage - In Progress

The workbench I received from Christmas has been moved to the back wall and the dresser was moved over. At some point I’d like to get rid of the dresser, but at this point it’s providing much needed home for small items. I’ve also kept the BBQ and Storage Rack box for now since they act as a great painting station.

Garage - In Progress

Eventually the box, mirror, and umbrella will be replaced with the heavy duty workbench. I hope to add some shelving above the workbench to small items (such as nails, screws, rubber bands) and I want to add storage to the side of the workbench for scrap wood. My scrap wood pile is adding up and it deserves its own home.

Garage - In Progress

The metal storage rack that was displaced by the new storage rack is still in the garage. It’s being saved for house supplies (extra toilet paper, paper towels, drinks, cleaning products, etc). It also holds the dog food container right now.

Garage - In Progress

That is a legal size filing cabinet under the workbench right now. It will eventually go in the office, but it needs to be painted first so I’m keeping in the garage. I’m also thinking about painting the dresser, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

I also see some pegboard in the future for this wall.

Garage - In Progress

Yes, that’s the Twilight series books in that cardboard box. It’s on it’s way to someone else’s home (via donation) along with a lot of other stuff currently littered throughout the house.

So that’s it! Progress is moving slowly in this room, but I like it so far.


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