DIY: Organizing Printed Photos

Growing up I never thought I’d see the day where printed photos were out of style. While sorting through pictures recently, I realized that I barely have any from the last decade. Why? Everything went digital and I stopped printing them when I could easily save them to disc. I also recently realized that my children will never understand the link between cassette tapes and pencils…oh wait…they won’t know what a cassette tape is. I feel old.

Part of decorating the Spare Bedroom involved cleaning out a few shelves full of random photographs. They were tucked into the pages of photo albums and piled into stacks. They aren’t organized in any way. In an effort to both organize and decorate, I tackled the photos. We’ll leave the records and my grandmother’s vintage Polaroid camera for another post (although it wasn’t vintage to her). I also have her pea green rotary phone, but I digress…

Organizing Photos

As I was organizing the photos I realized the photo albums just aren’t working for me right now. They take up a lot of space and the full albums were falling apart. I have a lot of picture that mean the world to me and they deserve to be treated better than this.

Organizing Photos

That little pup was my first love. She passed away in 2005. It still makes me cry to talk about her and it took  me three years to work up the courage to get another dog.

Organizing Photos

This collage was for my grandmothers funeral. The two largest pictures were from my grandparents wedding day, married about 64 years. She passed away the same year my beloved pup…it was a tough year.

Organizing Photos

Wow, I wasn’t planning on turning this into a share fest of passed relatives, sorry about that.

While some pictures are framed, most are stuffed into boxes. In reality the boxes didn’t even close. Organizing Photos

It took a few hours, but I was able to pull all the pictures out of the old albums and sort them into new white boxes that I picked up for $2 each at Michaels. Simple, Clean, and Stackable!

Organizing Photos

Unfortunately I underestimated how many old pictures I had and needed one more box. Since it was 10pm and I’m impatient, I didn’t want to wait until Michaels opened the next day.

Enter the SHOEBOX!

It’s ugly and boring, but it’s the perfect size and sturdy. So I grabbed some leftover white duct tape from the photo light box project and some wrapping paper.

Organizing Photos

I kinda sorta love it.

The duct tape covered up all the blue and has a great texture. The wrapping paper was clearance paper from Target this past Christmas. I loved it because it doesn’t look remotely holiday, just beautiful.

Organizing Photos

Organized Photos

I may need to buy some more shoes instead of photo boxes this weekend!

…like I need another reason to buy shoes…


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