DIY: Heart Art

Technically I did this project for Valentines Day, but it really doesn’t have to be only for February. I think it would look adorable in a little kids room year around, in fact, it’s an easy project that kids can do with you.

Heart Art

I started out with a piece of framed art from Christmas. I had hung this over the mantle for the holidays, but wanted to use the frame for something else throughout the year and this project seemed perfect.

Step 1:

Find an empty frame. A floating frame would look really beautiful with this type of art too, the hearts would appear to be floating on your wall.

Heart Art

Step 2:

I took the Christmas Art out and replaced it with a blank sheet of white computer paper. Nothing fancy here.

Heart Art

Step 3:

Collect the rest of your supplies.

  • Heart shaped scrapbook punches (I used two different sizes)
  • Rubber Cement
  • Scrapbooking or other colored paper

Heart Art

Step 4:

Cut out a bunch of hearts from the scrapbook paper. Begin laying them out to get an idea of the design before you start gluing them down.

Heart Art

Step 5:

Start Gluing to the frame and glass using rubber cement.

This project was all about texture. I folded some hearts in half to give them a 3D look, others I left flat. Most were glued directly to the glass, while some were glued to the frame for additional dimension. The reason I glued on top of the glass, instead of laying them under, was so that I could fold them. This was my alternative to using a more expensive shadowbox.

I used the rubber cement because after February I expect to remove the hearts and use the frame for something else. This is purely temporary for this month.

Heart Art

I wanted it to look like the hearts were sweeping across the frame. There was no magic in how I laid them out, it was all by eye and how the pieces was flowing.

Heart Art

Heart Art

Step 6:

The finished piece. Add some hangers, if necessary, and hang on the wall.

Heart Art

I really love how it turned out and there is a part of me that is considering leaving it up longer than February. It also sparked my art bug again and I can’t wait to dig into my paints soon. I’m thinking the paintings in the spare bedroom may have some mixed media incorporated, perhaps some hearts…

Heart Art

Heart Art

Heart Art

Total Project Cost Breakdown:

Frame/Mat/Paper/Glass (Already Owned) = $0

Scrapbook paper (Michael’s, clearance colors) = $.19 each (I used 4 colors so it cost $.76 and I have plenty left over)

Large Heart Punch (Michael’s) = $12 (on 40% off)

Small Heart Punch (Michael’s) = $2.50 (also 40% off)

Rubber Cement (Staples) = $2.50

Total Cost: $17.76

If you are a crafter then you likely have heart shaped punches already and the project would cost only a few dollars. For anyone that likes this idea, be sure to check out your local craft store right after Valentine’s day, they will likely put heart craft items on clearance and you could purchase some for next year.

I hope everyone is having an excellent Valentine’s Day…I’ll be back later today to show you a special Valentine gift I’ve been planning.

Heart Art


5 responses

  1. Hi, I want to tell how much I loved this, its just perfect for my son Baptism. The theme is angels playing with stars. I will do stars and angels instead of hearts (if you don’t mind) and put in the desert table.
    You sad that ” I used the rubber cement because after February I expect to remove the hearts and use the frame for something else. This is purely temporary for this month.” What can I used to make it more permanent ?
    It will be a keepsake for my son.

    PS, i appreciated you for sharing this with us.


    • Hi Eliane,

      I’m so glad you liked this project, I think Angels & Stars would be beautiful. The benefit to using the rubber cement is that you could remove (or re-position) the stars/angels at any time. If you want something for permanent, you can use any thick glue (Tacky Glue, Hot Glue, etc). You want it thick so that the bent shapes are better able to stay up instead of falling over to one side while the glue dries. Fast drying glues, like Super glue, would work too (you’ll just need to work very quickly). I wouldn’t use traditional white school glue, it won’t provide the support to keep the bent pieces upright. Rubber cement holds up very well and honestly I would still have used it even if I wanted a more permanent piece of art. Good Luck with your project, I’m sure it will turn out to be a wonderful keepsake for your son.

      Take Care,

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